Apocalypse How : Parallel Reality Specialist

Well I have to say…  I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up … a Parallel Reality Specialist !!!  I know what your thinking … what kind of money could they possibly make , probably not a six figure income … well to that I say …perfect !

I was kinda hoping that once I got good at it , I was going to shift to another reality anyway … one where income didn’t  “Matter”  !!!

So where did I come up with this idea , well of course … Willa !   You know the being that is from a future parallel reality , that gets channeled by another being that is from her future even further up the line , who is then channeled by a flesh and blood human  here on planet earth ” in”  our “Time”.

Wow ! …you almost have to be a Parallel Reality Specialist just to understand what the hell we are talking about !  So lets simplify it here a bit… it keeps me from getting a headache … so basically , we are all multi dimensional beings that operate in multiple dimensions in multiple timelines , under multiple incarnations … OK my heads hurting again !

We are some seriously busy people… lets face it , no wonder we are confused , we got way to much stuff going on , we need to tone it  done a bit, maybe narrow it down to just a few realities at a time… jeeeze , who made the schedule this week ?

Seriously though , I need to go check my PIN chart , yeah …. that stands for ( Parallel Incarnation Chart ) … I need to see what I will be doing in 700 years , next Tuesday,  I’d liked to meet this Willa chick… she sounds like she would make for an interesting date , I bet she could help me with my  ” Over Soul Vector Diagram” !

I am being serious here of course , this make perfect sense to me and it sounds like a whole lot of fun and explains a lot as well , like why I have never been too worried about accomplishments , I mean come on … the Over Soul has got this figured out , and has thousands of guys like me to fit it all in … I mean there is plenty of “Time” … so what is there to worry about …talk about freedom … now I can just be me and not feel like I’m blowing it !

That’s  a big relief , plus it makes sense now what I saw in the mirror  during my awakening dream experience… all those faces … different ages, genders , races .. it was quite a display , and very empowering … a process of integration perhaps!

Ok… enough about “US” , lets get back to Willa … this information she is bringing forth is nothing new per say , we are talking quantum physics here ..right , although she makes it a hell of lot more interesting and “Alive” ! So I am already a big fan of this Willa person.

The practical application here is staggering , and you know how I love a good practical application , otherwise we are just entertaining ourselves … which is just fine ! But seriously .. once you realize, that you are literately creating parallel realities billions of times per day …well … yeah I know its crazy we move through one Static reality to the next just to create the effect of motion …wow !

Whoever thought this up was brilliant … oh … that was us ! We are brilliant ! So what happened … where did we loose it … I don’t know , but I’m sure it’s all part of the plan, so lets just enjoy the “Ride” !

Can’t wait for more Willa … Well I guess I don’t have to !

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