Apocalypse How: False Flag Operations

The Term False Flag is becoming a phrase we hear almost daily now, so it’s time to zoom into the dirty world of black ops and physiological operations that seems to be the mainstay of the western Geo political landscape.

To put it in the most basic , laymen terms , it’s when something is blown up or shot up and human beings are killed to motivate the rest of the population into supporting some sort of military action against another country, or as we have seen lately to justify the further , exponential expansion of the MISC (Military Industrial Security Complex ).

Its the same old worn out manipulation technique  , more commonly know as the Hegelian Dialectic , or Problem , Reaction,  Solution .

The list of  False Flag Events , that killed humans to justify sending more  humans to die while killing other humans is staggering , here is just a few of the most recent ones which you may well recognize , these actually lead to world wars or major conflicts where millions have died in the name of saving lives, yes its   “utter nonsense”   .

Sinking of the Maine , Sinking of the Lusitania , Pearl Harbor , Gulf of Tonkin , 911 and the list goes on and on .

Just about every war ,  for profit , power and control was started and justified by using the idea of the False Flag.  However the Apocalypse is now shining a blinding light on this construct and hopefully someday will put and end to it , I would suggest that an end to false flags is an end to wars !

So how do we destroy the idea of the False Flag , by seeing it for what it actually is , another Lie  , however the population must become “aware observers ” so they don’t get duped , which is the purpose of this article  as well as thousands of others on the internet spreading the word about the lies that go on in the name of saving humanity , what a joke !

So here we are again ,  with  the created crisis in Syria heating up , reports are coming in about another potential false flag and I’m not talking about the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria , you can just add that one the to the list as well , we are talking about the  ” Nuke Transfer ” as it is being called .

The story is gaining traction and working its way into the consensus reality , it starts with a report that there has been an off the records transfer of nukes to the east coast , South Carolina is the supposed destination.

Along with that is another story , in the form of a  thinly veiled threat from a senator from that state , essentially telling everyone that if they don’t go along with military action in Syria , the boogieman will come and get us in the form of  , hold on here drum roll , blowing something up , and another drum roll , blow it up real good as in a “Nuclear Detonation ” , I know it sounds like a lot like plot from TV series , can you say Jericho.

Is this another False Flag event in the making , perhaps , although this time , unlike the 911 era I’m awake and aware of the lies and many others are as well and the numbers are growing everyday , and if they still go through with it , knowing the world is watching , then I would imagine we will be living a very different world soon , which,  while painful ,  could be the best thing, sometimes it takes dramatic events to wake people up .

Remember universe uses everything ,so  while 911 has created mass destruction , it has also created mass awakening , and now while everyone is watching , another obvious false flag will only serve to further that awakening , so again it is what it is , a process that we are goign through as we see things the way they are , not how we would like them to be , it’s called growing up , and once we are awake and more mature , that’s when we can take the next step, collectively , which is , changing it , by being the change, be the change we want to see in the world.

If we want to see a more mature , rational , awake society , based on high conduct , we must become those things first , remember , universe its just a mirror , your not going to see the smile in the mirror until “you smile ” !

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