Apocalypse How : Redefining The Syria Crisis

With all the talk of “World War Three” and of Nuclear War , it’s starting to feel like we are at a pivotal shift point in creating the next consensus reality.

Which path do you “prefer” , and how do we as individuals participate in helping to design , create , construct a new collective.

We are steering our way  , moment by moment , day by , towards the version of reality we prefer , the navigation system we use is our state of being , which is highly effected by our definitions and our beliefs , which is why it is vital to do the shadow work on yourself.

If   “You  Believe ”  that we are all creating this shared collective , or consensus reality , which “I” firmly “believe” that we are , then we are the “Conscious Creators” that are vital to paving the way in creating a new reality where war becomes obsolete , unnecessary , we no longer have anything to learn from it  , we have moved beyond it.

So each day make a “Conscious” effort to hold your state of being in a place of joy , abundance and unconditional love towards “everything ” and hold that vibration and while doing so , affirm that you “do not ” want to “exist” in a fear based paradigm ,  period !

As you hold that vibration , that state of being , you will be able to shift , frame by frame ,moment by moment  to more , resonate ,  versions of reality,  until the point , you will one day,  find yourself in a completely different version of earth,  where fear based paradigms like war and nuclear war cannot exist , they have no source energy from those in that collective , so they have no support , remember , “realities” are constructs that are created by the participating members .

Now… becasue physicality is a slower vibrational construct , and we have “agreed”  to experience time in a linear fashion,  it will “appear”  to happen , we will “experience ” it over a period of  “time ”  , and the shifting will incorporate a meaningful transitional process that will make sense and create a learning and growth experience for all the members of this new emerging collective .

So what will this transitional / growth experience look like ,  well it’s anyone’s guess , no one can predict the future , all you can do is take a reading at any given moment of the current energy , and follow the probabilities , at that “time ” !

So for those of us  that are truly living form the heart, living from love , for those of  “US” that want something to “happen” something to “change” , out there , we must first change ourselves ,  those of us that are ready to take on more responsibility as “Conscious Co Creators”   , even it means some sacrifice , individually and collectively , even if it means giving our physical lives .

So here is one way I can see it moving forward based on the current reading of energy , based on where we are right now:

The power source fueling the western oligarchies  is  it’s currency , a currency that sits on the “Throne” as the World Reserve Currency , it is ” The One World Currency ” that many say is “coming”  ,  … it’s already here and has been for decades !

So …once the other world powers decide enough is enough , which seems to be happening now , and this currency becomes dethroned , it will cripple and collapse a system that has been plaguing the modern world,  and hopefully “gut”  this rotting,  stinking  tape worm that has infected this planet , so that we can heal and rejuvenate.  This seems to be a workable way out of this current paradigm , a way to shift.

So while all of this fear is being generated about a war with Syria , and it’s potential for starting another world war, it may be an excellent catalyst of change , remember , nothing has any built in meaning, so as a “Conscious Creator” lets get some mileage out of this baby , and support the collapse of this currency , as a means to and end , even if it “means” some monetary loss as individuals , there is nothing to fear , we will  ” All ” be better off for it .

Then we can reset the economy with ideas and constructs , that support “US” the people ,you know the human beings , a system that empowers the human spirit and acknowledges the value in  “it” , not some piece of paper .

This is not going to happen overnight , but we have to start somewhere , we have to break free at some point .

So lets redefine the Syria Crisis at the creation level , at the template level reality  , and lets shift , and use this  drama , this energy ,  as a pivotal shift point , a catalyst for positive change  .

Are you ready to help in the Co Creation of  a New consensus reality ,as long as we view it as a positive opportunity , we will get a positive experience out of it !

Below is some excellent uplifting, empowering music to shift to !!!

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