Apocalypse How: Utter Nonsense

Recently one of the “so called” world leaders finally made some sense while describing the actions of the other “so called” world leaders , the term he used was “Utter Nonsense” and for once , I felt like I had shifted to a version of reality , where people were starting to see the madness for what it is ” Nonsensical ” it makes no sense , no logic , insane , lacking in sanity .

The list of  “Utter Nonsense”  of Politics, Wars, Our Banking/ Financial Systems, Destruction of our planet through reckless greed and corruption is staggering , nearly unbelievable , incomprehensible for the sane person.

They say ” a sane man will appear insane in an insane world ” , well that pretty much sums it up , and I’m sure you have had the experience of trying to share with others on how the world really works and  got that look , the look that tells you , this person is still , deeply entrenched in the Consensus Reality , and your words are falling on deaf ears.

In fact in the beginning phases of a persons awakening , there is, at least for me , and I’m sure there are others that can relate to this  , you become the babbling , conspiracy nut , not that different than the person on the street , who is walking along , talking to themselves, waving their arms shouting  all manner of  obscenities and  insanities.

Well…  it’s a process , you know , ” the truth will set you free , but first it will really piss you off “.   Yeah been there done that … but hopefully you keep pushing forward , keep going deeper, always deeper… into yourself … until you emerge form the Rabbit hole to find that … it’s all happening inside you , there is no out there , that any darkness you see in the outer world is simply a reflection of the darkness within yourself… not an easy pill to swallow, but hey you can always go back to sleep…Not !

So what can you do about the “Utter Nonsense” in the outer world , nothing , absolutely nothing , this is one of the most challenging aspects of the awakening process , your initial response to the “Utter Nonsense” is to want to go and tell everyone ,  run screaming out into the streets in protest or stand in front of city hall and the capitol building with your picket signs.

While those are courses of action are fine , and if that’s your highest joy , then by all means go for it , we are all allowed to express ourselves in any manner we choose , however there is an alternative route if you will , and this is where the challenge comes in , becasue instead of getting angry at the outer world and wanting to change it , if you go deep enough , long enough , you will come to the same conclusion that the mystics , philosophers and now even quantum physics has come to .

There is no outer world , empirically anyway , yes there is a collective construct that we experience , however what we experience within that collective is simply a reflection of ourselves  , a reflection of our state of being.

Once you “Know”  that you are shifting to realities that are more representative of your core vibration , definitions and beliefs , you will understand that “you” are quite literally creating the universe around , or perhaps a more accurate definition would be that you are shifting to an already existing version of reality , that is more in alignment, more representative of your new found beliefs and definitions , so the players , the actors , the dramas , the story line will reflect your new definitions.

Remember we are each  a separate parallel reality universe , completely unique from “all” others, “knowing” this is very empowering , becasue it “allows” you to  become a ” Conscious Co Creator ” , so that you can consciously choose the reality you prefer , this is the way the universe works , this is simple physics , universe must reflect back to you that which you put out , law of attraction and all , it has no choice , no other function , we give it meaning , we the observers ,consciousnesses ,  that’s us , nothing happens at all until we put our attention on it !!!

That being said , this is of course my perspective , my reality , my chosen way to define myself and the universe , there is no separation between those two ideas,  and in doing so I can easily dismiss the “Utter Nonsense” !

In the Spirit of    ” Utter Nonsense ”  and to have some fun with what we don’t want , like World War III , the video below illustrates in a very amusing way the thought processes here on planet Earth , while the skit may be a bit exaggerated , it’s isn’t that far from the truth , at least the current version of it !

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