Apocalypse How: The End of Forgetting

Everyday we are remembering more of who and what we are ,The Cycle of forgetting is over, the experience of being cut off from source has been thoroughly explored , in every conceivable way , the idea of limitation has been played out , and now we are ready to create something new.

We are literally, not metaphorically , we are ” Literally ” waking up , into an awareness that is more expanded and more representative of our true nature, which is multi dimensional , multi incarnational , aspects of all that is.

We are like  super heroes who are regaining our power , we are “Gathering ” all the other aspects of ourselves , all the other incarnations, probable selves , counter parts, higher selves, over souls , and we are integrating them into a larger perspective of  selfhood , this is the process of “Integration” that gets talked frequently within the “Awakening Movement ”  The New Age Movement and even Quantum Physics !

This realization completely eclipses the idea of ” Reincarnation ” becasue we are stepping outside of , we have expanded beyond the idea of the linear timeline progression, that tool, that idea, no longer serves us , it was valid when we perceived reality within the framework that we “were” using , the framework of limitation that was perpetuated by the so called Laws of Nature , which are an agreed upon set of root assumptions, set by the collective, … however all of that is changing , we are creating a new collective now , a new experiential framework , are you with us ?

This process of Remembering , this integration allows us to ” Draw Upon ”  all of the experiences , strengths , talents and skills that have been acquired during this experiment in fragmentation , which is allowing us to see through the “eyes”  of  all of the lives that we are currently living right now in this moment, we are experiencing  what it is to be Rich , Poor, Black , White , Male , Female , Healthy , Crippled , Minority , Majority  and  “Everything” in between.

We can now utilize this process, to make our lives “NOW” … these “MOMENTS” now, more fulfilling , more joyful , more abundant than “Anything” we have ever experienced before , individually and collectively , and by doing so we enrich “All That Is ” and the larger consciousness system , everything benefits from our journey as we move out of the darkness into the light.

And as we become more “Integrated Beings” our vibration changes , which acts like a beacon , to all the other “beings” in creation , it is a sign,  a marker , that you are ready , we are ready for more “Conscious Contact” that we are ready for more Conscious Co Creation of  the realities we choose to experiences , this is all happening right now , and as we ride  “The Crest”  of this wave of increased energy that is permeating our planet, solar system , galaxy , universe , the larger consciousness system … The One … our lives are being transformed here in physicality !!!

One very important realization that occurs during this trans-formative process is the realization , or more accurately “The Knowing ” that everything is happening “Within Consciousness ” that universe is simply a mirror , and that the only thing that is “empirically real” is the experience itself .

This single realization , this single idea will change everything in your life , you will move away from ideas , constructs such as victimization and lack of abundance , becasue you will “Know” that universe “MUST” support you , you will ” KNOW” that you are universe, you are the “Unified Field ” and all the resources of that field of energy are at your disposal!

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