Apocalypse How: Upheavel is a Good Thing

Does there seem to be a lot of  Upheaval in your life ?  Well then good , how exciting !

Yes , lots of upheaval ,for me , you , and everyone on the planet , as we go through this period , from 2010 – 2015 , this five year period , the number five is the number of humanity , the number that represents the human being, hence the five fingers and toes , we are working with a lot more energy , a higher vibratory frequency , and that goes for us and the earth as well , this has even been verified by scientists as an increase in the Schuman resonance.

Earth of course is a living being , she is our host consciousness, so it is all part of the process that is occurring right now ,and throughout the solar system ,the galaxy …we are finishing one cycle and entering a new one.

As the vibrational frequencies increases, lower vibrational , energies , such as fear , which is a polarizing energies have no place , it cannot exist along side of the higher vibrational , unifying energies such as unconditional love…so they must be dealt with expelled … the more resistance to being your true self , the more upheaval you will have … it’s basic physics operating here .. no judgment … we all have a choice now !

Anything in your life that is not in resonance with your core vibration , your true higher self , is going to come up , it has no place , so it must be dealt with , we can no longer bury it , but that’s a good thing , that’s an exciting thing !

It’s a time to ride the crest of the wave , this wave of energy during this five year period of which 2012 was simply the demarcation point …where we went from a slightly more negative to a slightly more positive collective energy …all though it may not manifest as positivity when viewed in the collective … the reason we see so much darkness is becasue the light is so bright now , we can see all the dirt in all the corners, which gives us an excellent opportunity to make a choice as to what we want and what we do not want in our individual and collective experiences !

And in this time period we can really build on that positivity … we can really follow our highest joys and excitements , do not waste time swimming upstream , go with the flow of this energy , let it go , let it go !

And because positivity , love is a unifying energy , it will have a unifying effect in your life, it will serve as an impetus for furthering the integration process , which is essentially bringing all of your multi dimensional aspects together , your other incarnations, higher self , into a more integrated …a more holistic human !

But again … any pain , any upheaval , any fear , in your life , in your experience is simply resistance to “being ” your true self …when it comes to others in your life , one of two things will happen , they will either come along for the ride or they won’t  !

Remember we never change the world , or anyone else, it is impossible, we are each a separate universe, literally , what we can do is change ourselves , change our vibration , we do this by changing our beliefs and our definitions , for they act as filters for our experiential realities, in other words, what ever we “believe ” is what we experience.

And by doing so, by shifting our vibration , by shifting our attention on to things we prefer , you will shift to a version of reality where you will experience versions of earth , and versions of people you have relationships with that are more in alignment , more ” Representative ” of your newly defined , newly refined beliefs and definitions …this process happens constantly moment by moment day by day … as we create the reality around us !

If you find that the certain people in your life don’t make the shift, they don’t resonate any more , if one day you look around and they are no longer there , that’s OK , it simply means , there is no longer a need for that relationship anymore !

The key now is to become a Conscious Co Creator , and use that power , to create the reality that you prefer , and once you do this the level of , joy , excitement , and synchronicity will explode in you life !

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