Apocalypse How: Sasquatch and the Annunaki

What does Bigfoot and the Annunaki have in common ?  Us !    Lets think about this for a moment , as we grow in awareness , as we expand our horizons , everything is about inclusion versus exclusion , everything is allowed expression , how do I know this , becasue universe is infinite , all that is , is infinite.

So when it comes to the idea of evolution versus intelligent design , I say both are true , both are part of creation , I would call it intelligently designed evolution , and no matter what happens in that process , everything is evolving and everything is part of consciousness , which we know is intelligent.

So this gets us back to the Sasquatch and the Annunaki , someone once asked me how we got here , us humans , or more accurately the question was , if we were a product of ” Natural ” evolution , why is it that none of us would actually survive in nature.

Think about this,  take a modern human , take all of there clothes off, take away all of their technology , and throw them out into the wild to survive , they would succumb to exposure to the environment rather quickly , probably sooner than they would starve to death , becasue we have no natural way to survive the elements of heat and cold , sun and rain , we would simply perish from environmental factors alone , kind of like a fish out water.

Even aboriginal peoples who live off the land , use tools , have clothing of sorts , they have technology to survive the elements and to provide sustenance and shelter , it’s not highly sophisticated , but it works , it’s enough to survive and thrive , for thousands of years , however from a purely physical perspective , if you were to take that technology away from the aboriginal peoples , they too would perish , due to exposure , and starvation.

The point here is that the Human Body doesn’t seem capable of holding up under normal earth conditions , it has to have technology of some sort to survive , “Unlike ” all the rest of the animals on this planet , who can survive just fine “Naked”  , we can’t !

So what would a humanoid body have to be like to survive being  “Naked” with out clothing , well the answer is very easy , it would have to be covered in hair , or fur to protect it form the elements , although early man may have had had a lot more hair , he wasn’t covered in a fur like a bear would be or any other mammal for that matter .

So if man evolved naturally , why are we incapable of surviving  “Naked ” on the very planet we supposedly evolved on? It does not make any logical sense , and has always intrigued me , has always peaked my curiosity , I’m no scientist , which is probably a good thing as I am free to explore in any direction , with no fear of  loss of tenure , status , book deals and so on.

This  is where Sasquatch , Yeti , Bigfoot, The Abominable Snowman , comes into the picture , here is a humanoid like creature that has the body covering to survive the elements , this , in my opinion, would seem to be the body type of a creature , that naturally would evolve  on a planet like ours , that would be able to survive the elements  ” Naked “.

Which is why the story of the Sasquatch and the Annunaki makes a hell of a lot more sense than what our modern main stream science tells us happened and why they have never found the missing link , becasue there is no missing link , unless you count genetic manipulation from other advanced civilizations as the missing link , I guess it depends on your definitions , everything does!

Here is what makes sense to me and what I think is closer to reality than the mainstream nonsense we have been taught .

What we call Sasquatch ,  is the naturally evolved humanoid creature , that has evolved on this planet . We however are a hybrid species , consisting of  the genetics of the bipedal , humanoid creature we call Sasquatch , and the Annunaki and others.

The story would go something like this , the Annunaki looking to create a more intelligent , more sophisticated worker , already acclimated to the planet , robust and humanoid ,  took the already existing Sasquatch that had naturally evolved and mixed in their own DNA , in a sense we became their children, over time other races got involved with the experiment , the evolution ,  of this new hybrid being , ”  The Human Being ”  and DNA from other races was also engineered into the human experiment.

And so this is how the cake was baked , so here we are , you and I , we are the mutts of the galaxy , our original  genetics based on Sasquatch, mixed in with the genetics of the Annunaki , and then over time , after the Annunaki involvement , other races put their two cents in , to create  an amazing , beautiful , highly refined ,  somewhat confused  hybrid creature , who from a purely physical perspective , couldn’t survive 48 hours naked on the planet it lives on !

However becasue of this hybridization process that we went through in our Intelligently Designed Evolution , what was created was the perfect vessel for a highly refined level of consciousness,  a vessel that could house a fairly high level of source energy , that would be able to use it’s connection to source , and create technologies that would protect it’s newly refined physical , animal body , so in a sense , technology became our protective coat.

So in the end universe worked together as it always does to create , to design , to manifest yet a new expression of all that is , yep that would be us , “The Human Race ” !

Awe the universe …what a place , it’s all good though , or more accurately … it’s all God !

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