Apocalypse How : The Shift Report

Welcome to the shift report, in this section of Apocalypse How I will be making note of some of the more interesting sign posts as we journey through reality , points where we “Shift” to a “Distinctly”  different version of reality.

I won’t  necessarily be defining any changes , any of the shifting as good or bad , that’s a polarized view anyway, I will simply be observing , I will however be bringing my sense of humor with me , we have to be able to laugh at this stuff.

One thing I do very well , and that is not to take myself or what is happening too seriously , universe has a sense of humor and fear is the cosmic joke ,why, because its a lie !

This will be a weekly report , no particular day of the week , whenever something interesting actually ” Happens ” , I will opine on it for the purpose of gauging how much we have shifted , and how different the current version of reality feels after the shift, and how it appears in the consensus reality drama.

We are of course shifting every moment from parallel reality to parallel reality , we don’t usually notice it because each static reality we shift through is so similar to the last one , however once you “really ” start to let loose of all the baggage , old belief systems , outdated definitions , and allow yourself to shift , with no expectations about any thing , watch out things will get much more interesting  , just follow your excitement and see what happens.

When it comes to the collective reality , when we see things in the News , the world events that are unfolding , we can approach it as simply a choice , to agree with it or not , do I want to give it energy and support it or not , and if the answers is no , then we should consciously make a choice about what we do prefer , what we would prefer to see manifesting in the outer  world , the collective reality , and of course that choice has to be backed by our willingness to be the change we want to see in the world , and the change “has” to occur in us first

In other words … it”s time we become Conscious Co Creators and quit allowing others to use our source energy to create realities based on their agenda  !

2012 marked the half way point of the pivotal 5 year shift period from 2010 -2015 , after 2012 we went to a slightly more positive energy on this planet , or more accurately this version of the planet , this collective.

It seems there are points , or crossroads where during the journey where we are given the opportunity to make a choice , of course this is happening all the time , each and every day on a personal level for our personal journey , and we also have our collective journey as well , this will be the main focus of the Shift Report.

The Shift Report will be sort of a diary of the collective consciousness , as it looks in the mirror , and I will observe the reflection it sees ” Out There ” in the consensus reality , it will be a gauge as to whether we are making any head way in the right direction , right for me, is if we are increasing in positivity , if the old fear based paradigms are collapsing , crumbling., then I know I am shifting to the versions of earth that are more in alignment with my core vibration.

Seeing the positive in the world , for some , may not be an easy task , considering the amount of mayhem that is occurring on a daily basis , but it is easy once you focus your attention on positive things , and of course a good sense humor is also very important , again …we should be able laugh at this stuff .

If you can’t laugh at what is happening on this planet , then you are taking it and yourself  ” Way ” too seriously !

So …to get started this week lets talk about one of the most recent shifts that have occurred in the last few weeks , and that of course is the Syria Debacle , the race to war , by the Powerless That Be ,  seems to have been pretty much destroyed , so it looks like,  I , we have shifted to version earth where the PTB can longer get away with just waging war at a whim.

It appears Russia is the new voice of reason , I find it ironic , that If I want to watch news that is unbiased and allows the voice of reason to speak I have to turn to Russian TV , yep , I am fan of Russia Today , RT is the template for returning to some form of real journalism.

So we definitely see a big shift there , that shows a dramatic difference in the global political scene , it’s a “Shift ” in the power structure, on the planet, the west is loosing it’s iron grip , the big bully has been knocked down a couple notches , which a very good thing , the Empire program is loosing resonance , so lets keep shifting !

So we use that to gain more momentum as we plow forward to 2015 and beyond , as we crate a bow wave of positivity  , that pushes all the old systems out of the way , creating space for a new collective consciousness , that has learned to ” Shift ” !

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