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Guest Article By : Matt Presti

Who Am I ? You are a manifestation of your point of Mind desire within eternal stillness.

What Am I ? You are the extension of the Universal One Mind of the Creator.

How Am I ? You are alive because of the division of stillness into halves of motion extended from the center into left and right or male and female hemispheres.

Where Am I ? You are in the Mind of God manifested in moving lights of motion which produce form and tonality.  When Am I ? You are NOW.    Why Am I ? Because you desired it.

You are created.  You have a life.  This is your life.  This life is living you.  You are living this life.  There can be no life in rest as rest is not alive.  Heaven is man’s eternal abode.  Do not seek to enter heaven until you have lived your life.  Be where you are at.  This is where you are so be here.  Be now.

This is the life you have unfolded from your eternal resting abode in heaven.  This life, if you choose, can have purpose.  It can be purposefully lived to express your desires as you were purposefully born to express the desire to live.  Without division of the silence, there would be no sound.

Without division of the stillness, there would be no motion.  Without division of the One White light of Mind, there would be no color.  Without desire to exist, there would be no life.   Without a body, you could not function in this world.  Leaving the stillness requires a vessel.

The vessel is your body.  Like all things, bodies begin with unfolding very small (seeds), they grow to maturity (midpoint), age, and eventually grow old and refold.  The vessel is not you.  This body of Earth is not the idea Earth.  The flaming carbon Sun is not the idea of the Sun you see.

All manifestation is the result of the desire of Universal Mind to manifest the perfection of idea into simulated bodies of motion which forever appear then disappear in sequential intervals of action and rest.  Those bodies in motion are not the idea they simulate.

Idea cannot exist–as idea is Mind alone which centers the motions of all bodies.  The Mind is not in the body.  The Mind is Universal.  All idea is Mind idea.  Your Mind is Universal to the degree that you realize it is Universal.  The eternal changeless condition of Universal Mind is stillness and silence.

If it is moving it is not real as true reality is not temporary–nor does it change, live or die.  You cannot unrealize something.  Once something is known within, it is added to you eternally.  Each manifestation of your temporary life in a body accumulates the knowledge of your entire multiple life experiences.

You pick up right where you left off.  You cannot lose experiences any more than you can lose your eternal life.  You can overcome all obstacles with awareness.  Mind is source.  The Source is God.  The source is infinite Love.  There is nothing else in all the Universe.

Your point of Universal Mind has created you.  Use it wisely.  Use it at the very least to express your desires of your Mind in balance with the Creator.  Our human world is the collective sum of that which we all think into actions.  When your thinking is balanced your actions will be balanced.

What you think and then act out you get.  The thoughts of man multiply his actions.  When man thinks war he gets more war.  Conversely, when man thinks love he gets more love.  The greatest thing you can do in this world is to think and be love.  No religion is needed to do this.

It is the simplest, unifying explanation of living to be realized in all the world of man.  It is your choice not to do that which you were designed by infinite love to express and do.  The human being was designed to love one another.  Any violation of this code results in suffering.  Mankind becomes what he thinks and does.

This is the simplest realization mankind will achieve upon this planet.  The way to love is to express love from within yourself which will result in you being loved.  Love cannot be taken.  It can only be given.  As it is given it is automatically regiven.

The Universe is like a mirror.  What you put out you get back.  This is LAW.  There is no organization you may join, no church, mosque, school or University, no support group or club that can teach you to express your love to the world.  You must do this from within yourself.

We all KNOW how to love.  The question is – why don’t we?  We know what happens when we do not love.  Look at our world.  This warring world is not caused by love.

Until mankind lives the Law of Love, his imbalances will cause him great suffering.  There is no devil or alien entity causing mankind to not love.  To Love or not to Love?  That is the question.  The choice of every human on the planet to either love or not love is the cause of all of mankind’s self-made sufferings.  War is the ultimate cost for failure to love.  When enough of humanity loves one another, we will naturally begin to build the world brotherhood/sisterhood we all secretly desire.

Not until then.  When we have achieved this long desired Utopia, the cosmic drama and play of man will be over.  The time of divine existence in the motion Universe will have been achieved and mankind will have fulfilled his only purpose for which he was created.  To Express Love is to express balance.

Balance is the ONE Law.  Love is Balance and therefore is the ONE Law Expressed.  In conclusion, it must be understood at your core, that the Real Universe is Stillness and Silence.  Anything in motion is an illusion.  If it is moving, it is not real.  This may take lifetimes to understand.  Or you might realize it in a flash.  This should be the starting point of every one of man’s sciences and philosophies.

It is the goal of mediation.  It is the coming back to the Source from which all things extend from and return to.  It is very simple.  There is no need to raise one’s vibration as the abode of the Creator is silence and stillness.  Seek ye the kingdom of heaven within.  Be still and KNOW.

The greatest knowledge is the simplest knowledge.  It neither takes volumes to convey nor complex experiments to prove.  It only need be known for what it is.  The greatest secret in this Universe rests within it.  The Supreme Being is that which is still, that which is silent.

There is no complexity in the Universal Mind.  Dividing this Omnipresent condition anywhere results in a motion of some kind.  Time thus begins.  But, it will cease and time will cease with that motion.  Man does not yet know that all motion comes from and returns to stillness in never ending cycles of sequential electric illusions.  He will know however someday.

He must know if he is to save himself from his own destruction and comprehend his immortality and very real connection with all other things.  That is part of my work.

When we all know from whence we came and wherefore we return, that between every breath we take and every thought we think, the still fulcrum of our very self is the still fulcrum of every other self be it plant, bird, ant, star or stone, then man will know of his Universality with one another and will be incapable of hurting another ONE.

So take some time and enjoy Matt’s music , his artwork , and get to know this very resonate voice of the Apocalypse.

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