Find The Others

Find The Others is one of my favorite tunes right now for the Apocalypse Music section,  from artist Matt Presti , its a call to action to wake up and go deeper and find yourself , all the answers are within us .

It’s time to become your “whole true self “, it’s about integration , becoming the Holistic Human and to bring that here into physicality , to see beyond the consensus reality , to not allow others to “vampire” your source energy for their own agenda.

It’s time to see the Christ , the Krishna, The Buddha in yourself , we have no need for the guru or the  preacher  , we have grown beyond that , there is no separating the creator form the creation anymore.

Of course this is my interpretation , you listen and enjoy ,  find your own meaning , either way you will enjoy this inspiring music that has a great  acoustic guitar rhythm , great vocals , well written lyrics , and a fantastic electric lead solo that comes in at the end that will knock your socks  off, so crank it up and  ” Find The Others ” !

Vocals By Matt Presti : Inspired by a meeting of the minds of Mike Hagan, John Sheliak, Kent Steadman and Matt Presti.

” If we learn to come together , then this world can change and “we” will make things better ”

“Find Yourself , find the Others , there’s a world inside that you will soon uncover ”

” Find Yourself , find the others , there’s a world out there that wants to be discovered ”

” When You find Yourself  ” !!!

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