Apocalypse How: Big Daddy

Who’s your Daddy ?  Are in this case who is your ” Big Daddy “ , I use this term a lot when talking about humanities addiction to authority figures, so I thought I would share with you my definition of the “Big Daddy ” syndrome as I like to call it.

In some ways it’s another variation of  Stockholm Syndrome , people worshiping their rulers, their captors.

Big Daddy is everywhere , kind of  like Big Brother ,  The Doctor, The Policeman , The Politician , The Teacher , The Government Official , The FBI Agent, The Priest , The Preacher or just plain , The Authorities, that’s one of my favorites , who are these so called authorities , and who gave them the authority !

There are all sorts of  Big Daddy personae out there , not saying that these are good or bad career choices , just saying the fact that they exists as career choices tell us something about the quality of consciousness on this planet.

And what does it tell us, it tells us that there is a big demand for people who like to be in control of other people , which tells us there is an even larger group  of people who do not want to take responsibility for themselves, they would much rather outsource that to someone else , they don’t want to be sovereign , critical thinking , human beings , for many,  that is way too…scary !

And why is that you might you ask , well , now we are getting somewhere. The vast majority of humanity , even now , based on my observation , are asleep inside the matrix, the dream , the virtual reality we call  waking consciousness , and they are happy with that as long as they have their toys to play with , food to eat, and a roof over their head.

Much of humanity is still in an adolescent state of being , in some sense it’s simply a lack of maturity , at least within the context of the game we are playing , of ” Being Human” , so the idea here , is that until someone , society , the collective , is ready to look at the whole self, their whole self , and see the entire aspect of themselves , including all their lives, incarnations, probable selves, until they can build a relationship with higher self , they will feel like a scared little child in a “very big universe ” of scary unknown things, and having a “Big Daddy ” around , makes them feel safe and secure , just as it does in real life, a child will feel safer when their Daddy is home.

This is why humans who are awakened to who and what they are as infinite consciousness, who are becoming Conscious Co Creators of their personal and collective realities, look around the world today and struggle to see why so many follow these Big Daddy figures, why they even acknowledge them , why do they continue to empower them , and this is why, Big Daddy makes them feel safer !

As humanity or the individual continues the process of integration, as you regain your connection to source, the big scary universe it turns out , is inside of you , you are the big scary universe, and then you realize  you are universe, there is nothing to be afraid of, and of course the systems , constructs , groups and individuals who perpetuate the idea of a big scary universe , are only perpetuating this idea becasue they are completely cut of from source and they need you source energy , in the form of your attention!

So once we stop giving it to them , they will have to go through the same process of figuring it all out, going deeper , doing the shadow work on themselves , and the idea of a “Big Daddy ” will become obsolete , it will no longer be needed as a prop , a crutch.

Of course from a greater persepctive , everything exists now , so the idea of a collective , a society where the ” Big Daddy ” persona has become passe already exists, so what really happens is , once your are truly done with this idea, you will shift to the already existing version of reality where it is no longer needed , most of us do this shifting is steps, because we still prefer to experience things in a linear way , it makes for good story telling and experiencing .

We can do all the instantaneous creating and shifting at night when we have all the ” time ” in the world !

So … the Bottom line … Fear of the unknown is what makes ” Big Daddy” so attractive !  When the unknown becomes known , ” Big Daddy ” will go into the trash heap  of other childish things , such as Santa Claus , The Easter Bunny , POTUS … you get the idea !

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