Apocalypse How: Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance is on the rise these days and that is a very good thing , Cognitive Dissonance is a very good thing , it means things be changing , it’s a wake up call, an alarm clock , and you either deal with it , go into denial , or go a bit crazy, sound familiar ?

For those of us who travel the rabbit hole on a regular basis , cognitive dissonance is a welcome friend , in fact , those of us who love expansion and growth , we go looking for CD on a regular basis.

We really enjoy a good hit of  ” CD ”  from time to time , it means we are shifting , growing , expanding , out of our cocoon , into our fuller greater potential ,  it forces us to redefine, to reevaluate our beliefs , instead of trying to make reality fit outdated , limiting beliefs.

I find allowing my beliefs to be more malleable , more fluid ,is the ticket , yes we need to have beliefs, otherwise we could not even have experiences , you have to believe something to be true , otherwise universe cannot create the virtual reality experience.

Unfortunately many humans have very rigid belief systems , which  is a great way to stifle growth and expansion, which is of course the root to much of the conflict on this planet, people like their beliefs and they don’t want to change them , and of course many of the belief systems on this planet are manufactured to dis empower the populace as opposed to being of service .

Which is why we are seeing more and more people experiencing Cognitive Dissonance , as the old systems crumble , as we awaken to the way the world really works, it can be a shock to the system , for example if you have always ” believed ”  in the ” Political System” and saw it as a valid representation of the people , by the people , learning that it is really just a corrupt bunch of bought and paid for puppets , who are under the control of  a cabal of banking elite , will likely make your head spin into a Cognitive Dissonance spiral.

And that’s a good thing , that’s a process of waking up , you can’t hold the two opposing beliefs within your reality sphere , so you will either dismiss it as untrue , in other words fall back on your old rigid belief system or you will allow your beliefs to change along with the new found data , so this is the positive aspect of CD, it can be a great catalyst for change , growth and expansion, as long as you are willing to see things as they are not how you want them to be , the blinders must be removed .

Some people just aren’t ready of course , you know that look when you tell someone that the Federal Reserve isn’t Federal , or on a deeper level you tell some one that life is actually a type of dream ,  it’s a look that shows confusion , the deer in the headlights look , which is why I rarely share things like that with someone who is obviously not ready to hear it, there is simply no point in shocking someones system into CD, although in some case it might be a useful tool, like cold water splashed on your face .

There are so many things happening  ” Out There ”  in the consensus reality , that don’t make any sense anymore , that are nonsensical , good is bad, war is peace , bad behavior is rewarded ,it’s a breeding ground for insanity , which is why people who are  waking up to the world of illusion are finding Cognitive Dissonance becoming a more common experience.

As the Apocalypse gathers speed and momentum , as the  waves of  higher vibrational energy comes into play during this latest expansion cycle in the journey of consciousness , as the vibratory frequency of earth increases , as the old ways of perceiving reality in a linear fashion move  towards everything coming into the present moment   , the fear based constructs , the limiting belief systems , the mechanisms of control cannot exist within your personal reality sphere or the collective reality sphere , and Cognitive Dissonance is a by product of this process , the expulsion of this negative fear based energy.

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