Apocalypse How: The Orbs Part .2

In part one of “The Orbs” I shared with you a phenomenon that continues to this day , in fact we have had two more  very dramatic beautiful visits in just the last week , it’s October 2013 and  a high pressure system over the Pacific North West has left skies clear at night , even on the coast which is not often the case this time of year.

Over the years after some initial investigation , I have heard and been told all sorts of stories about what it is we are seeing , however nothing has been proven that’s for sure , I would say the only thing we do know about what they are , is that we don’t know.

One thing that stands out though and from what others have said as well that are seeing the same phenomenon around the world , is that they do appear to like pure energy , or “plasma ” like in nature , many have called them , plasma spheres , and that’s probably a more accurate description ,  and of course there is a resonance there when you think about it within the context of the electric universe .

At the end of the day , they simply exist and there is nothing that can change that , of course there are some that will watch one of the videos and say oh that’s a helicopter, or that’s a satellite or an airplane, and to that I simply smile, it’s perfect example of ,  “not being able to perceive that which you are not the vibration of “.

There has been a new occurrence this year , a new behavior if you will , in regards to the orbs or ” Plasma Spheres ” and that is for the first time , they are appearing when there is a full moon, we had a beautiful sighting, right around the 4th of July 2013 , the moon was full and bright over the lake , it was like daylight outside and one of the Orbs appeared and came in right over the lake , it was incredibly bright.

And considering how bright it was already outside , the fact that the orb still shone brightly was even more spectacular, there was not a breath of wind that night , the lake was like glass, there were a couple of boats out on the lake , I was standing on our dock when I saw it , I yelled up to the house , to alert others to the amazing show , breaking the beautiful silence, I just couldn’t help myself , it was too awesome, and we had never seen them when the moon was out.

We had some family visiting as we often do in the summer months and they actually got to witness an incredible unique event, not something you get to see everyday , they were all amazed and somehow touched by the silent glowing traveler in the sky.

Subsequently we have seen them three other times this year now during full moons, I have no idea what the significance of that is , perhaps they are becoming more bold , I don’t know of course , since I don’t know what they are.

There are some who are calling them light ships, that they are in a sense conscious technology , ships made from light and consciousness, and that sounds plausible, another idea is that they are simply consciousness, in other words what form would consciousness take , if it were not inhabiting a physical 3D body , well,  a sphere is a likely shape , considering it is the most common shape in the universe.

So hey maybes its just us , one of our relatives who have passed  just cruising by to say hello , maybe now that the veil between the physical and no physical worlds is coming down , or perhaps blending , becoming more similar , we can see them now , we may find out is just a by product of the integration or awakening process.

One thing that has change and that is our reaction to them , in the beginning , there was much jumping around , yelling in excitement  and pointing to the sky like aboriginal tribesman around the ceremonial fire, now when we see one, there is simply a calm recognition of an old friend , a simple , hey ..look over there , as we remain calmly seated , we now just enjoy their passing in quiet reflection … amazing how we have changed in just the last  four years , vibrationally.

And perhaps that is the point of the whole experience , I would imagine  when we are exposed to higher vibrational energy , the natural reaction is an excitement of our field , our personal reality field or sphere if you will , since we have raised that vibration , since our energy levels have increased considerably since our first interaction in 2009, we no longer “behave ” like we used to.

Perhaps we are more in resonance now , with this phenomenon , more ready for the next step !  In part three , I will share with you my thoughts on what this next step might be  , share with you some of the other things we have been seeing in the sky and on the inner planes of  our personal reality matrix.

Check out the books below on Orbs !

Here is another great video we took in 2011, three years after our first sightings and videos , towards the end of the video it goes behind the trees , which are behind our house, I keep following it through the branches, it makes for some cool footage, again please excuse the music back ground , just trying have some fun with it.

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