Apocalypse How: Financial Apocalypse

Well here we go again , approaching another deadline where we have to up the credit card limit so we can borrow more money to pay the interest on the money we already borrowed , or something like that , after a while it makes your head spin at the level of nonsense that is our financial markets.

It’s October 13 of 2013 , but you could substitute a number of different dates here , over the last 5 years , where we have been in this exact same situation over and over again like a broken record the same scripted lines are repeated , the same tactics are used , it’s like a rerun of a very bad B movie .

The actors change from time to time, some come back on the show after a while , recycled ,  kind of like a soap opera, and the drama continues , always in state of crisis , nothing gets resolved , what we call  “Governing By Crisis” ,or Problem , Reaction Solution , the Hegelian Dialectic.

Are we in the midst of a Financial Apocalypse , I certainly hope so , something has to give, something has to actually “change ” at some point , all the “signs” spell the end of  the Dollar supremacy , which is a good thing , but then what , will they just implement another fiat currency , controlled by the very same cabal , if that’s the case , what will have actually changed… all rhetorical questions of course.

The level of fear being generated by the economic crisis that has been going on now for the last 5 years is taking it’s toll on so many around the world , and in so many ways , however , like anything , if you can approach it from a positive perspective , you can get a positive experience out of it  … as challenging as that may be.

The Financial Apocalypse is a good thing, it’s not about the collapse of society , it’s about the breaking down of , the falling apart of the old financial systems that no longer serve us , that no longer reward hard work , integrity and honesty , without that we have nothing , and of course the current system of greed and corruption is not in resonance with the incoming energy so it has to be expelled from the field… this is what we are witnessing , this process of  expulsion has the effect of creating quite a bit chaos , and the banking cabal , drunk with power , will likely take a few swings on the way out the door .

We seem to be getting closer to the ole ” Tipping Point” where the structure we call our economic system , will simply no longer have the support it requires at the template level , and it will come crashing down , this should be seen as a very positive sign  , it means we are breaking free of the old construct , the old template and the new template can be implemented.

What will the new  template look like  in regards to what will be currency , what will banking look like , I don’t know at this point , all I know is that it has to be more representative of our new beliefs and definitions , it has to be based more on “Human Value” , not the value of some object, metal or symbol, all of which can be manipulated and corrupted .

Of course the process will not happen over night , what we are going through right now is simply the process of recognizing what we do not want , most of us  have no idea what the replacement will be , however I have absolute faith in universe to support these changes, why , because we are universe , and those with integrity , who are passionate about economics, those who are passionate about monetary systems , banking and commerce will act as the channels for these changes to flow through , because that is their highest joy.

And the rest of us will support them as we go about doing our parts in the game we call the evolution of consciousness ,we will act out of integrity , compassion , empathy , unconditional love in all that we do ,  we will be the change we want to see in the world , shifting , always shifting towards our highest joy and excitement .

So get excited about these times, these changes , and see how you can imbue them with positivity so that you get a positive experience out of  them, if things are tight financially  right now , do things that are free, like  experiencing nature, or actually spending time with family and friends doing simple things together, it’s called “Being” with each other !

Now is the time we can all come together as a family and help each other through the challenges that lie ahead , and always remember circumstances don’t matter , only state of being matters !

Check out the books below on the Financial Apocalypse !

In the video below Charlie with Wide Awake News , does an excellent rant on the Financial Apocalypse , the ongoing  psychological operations that he describes as ” Governing By Crisis ” !

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