Shift Report : Boehner Goes Soft

I’m absolutely shocked !   Boehner has gone soft !   This of course is a follow up to the shift report where Boehner stood firm !  If it appears that I do not take our political system seriously , and that I see it as pure theater , the brunt of jokes , because it is a joke , with actors simply playing their parts… well then your right , that’s exactly how I see it , it’s all nonsense !

So I knew this would be my last opportunity to get in one more ” Boehner ” innuendo… sadly , it was so much fun , you will have to forgive me however ,  I generally don’t use the names of people , and I do respect the part they play in the mass drama , we all have our parts to play , but hey he is in the public eye and others were doing it … It’s not my fault… !

But if we are to go deeper , which is nearly impossible now that Boenher has gone soft … oops … OK … enough … but we will try , if we go deeper and look at world events as a “reflection” of the collective consciousness , which of course it is ,then we may be able to gain some insight into what the hell is going on ” out there ” !

So we , and when I say we ,  I am referring to the collective , we seem to keep doing the same thing over and over again , borrow money , hit credit limit , have brief  manufactured drama and hand wrenching …then … raise debt ceiling , more borrowing hit debt ceiling and on and on and on …wash rinse …repeat cycle , it’s all very repetitive,nonsensical.

Of course it’s really quite insane , in fact it is the very definition of insanity , to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results, so what does it tell us , it tells us that the collective consciousness… has lost it … it’s gone wacko !

I know many people in the alternative media community and the awakening arena , will of course,  want to “blame” it all on the evil elite banking oligarchy, who are of course ruled by , and are part of , the elite bloodline families , who are of course ruled by an even smaller group of extraterrestrial influences and so on , and while all of that ,  may very well be true,  or have lines of truth within it , I have one problem with it … who cares !

Aren’t we done withe whole victim , perpetrator nonsense , can’t we all just get along ,and love one another , OK pushing it I know  !

But if we know all of these things , and we have drug them all out into the light to be burned like the vampires , tape worms , parasites that they are , why are we still having this conversation !

Well that’s a very good question , and my answer is,  while many of us are awake to the way the world actually works , think the Matrix , “WE” are all still very much in a state of transition , again “WE” meaning the collective not us the individuals . There is a big difference in what is acceptable behavior for the Collective versus the Individual , keep that in mind .

So there is quite a bit of oscillation going on here , a bit of back sliding ,  while yes there is an awakening going on , we are all openly talking about what a pointless ” Cluster F*** ” the system is , however we seem to keep sliding back into what is comfortable , not sure what to do , we know we need to jump off that cliff  so we can learn to fly , but  we are just not quite sure if we ” will actually fly ”  or … crash and burn !

From a shift perspective , we might just  keep shifting back and forth … for a while ,  until people are so tired of it that they just don’t care anymore , or the system reaches a tipping point , due to lack of support energy from the collective , at which point all things are possible , paradoxically you will always have more choices when you feel you no longer have a choice , becasue then it’s anything goes.

And Obviously “WE”  are not “There”  yet , we are still Here !  So remember , if your looking for changes in the outer world to gauge whether you are changing and you don’t see much change , that’s OK , the only thing that matters is how you define it , how you experience it , if you are getting all bent out of shape about it , and raising your hands in the air , then that means you are still very identified with it , it means you are still the vibration of  “it”.

Conversely if you could really care less about it all ,  and you find it all amusing from a very detached aware observer perspective then you can have fun with it , learn from it and know that you have shifted , becasue you no longer support it , or identify with it , you see it as simply a process the collective is going through , you no longer resonate with it , which means you are only a few shifts away from no longer experiencing it at all !

I would think most of us who travel the rabbit hole resonate with the latter , so it will just take some time for the others to catch up, so that there are enough of us to  form a new collective that can stand on its own , and we will leave the old one behind for those that wish to continue exploring the madness of the current collective !

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