Apocalypse How: The Thule Society

Exploring ” The Thule Society ” calls for an extended tour in the rabbit hole , so put your gear on , and be ready to dig deep and be able to let go of any and all pre conceived nonsense  you were taught in school or anywhere else for that matter so that you can enjoy the exploration process and just let the data take you where it goes.

Warning : this subject matter is not for those who believe in Santa Claus the Easter Bunny , or that Politics is about choice , no please don’t make me laugh… stop it , seriously though …just have fun with it , at the end of the day its all just …Information !

The reason for bringing up  ” The Thule Society” is because it is connected to some much of the subject matter of the awakening or alternative movement , so much of the subject matter that some may find distasteful or fear based if you will , and to that I say hogwash …if you don’t look at the whole picture , you will miss out on the beauty of the whole painting .

For example when you start digging into the Thule Society you end up talking about  Hitler , the Annunaki , the Aryan Race, Atlantis, The Sumerians , Hybrid Humans, the genetic modification of human DNA, Hollow Earth,   Ancient and extraterrestrial  civilizations , Blue bloods, the Banking Elite , Time Travel , Flying Saucers , Alien Abduction,  the Blue eyed blond haired all American Boy and Girl, The master Race , The Third Reich , The Forth Reich , The Elder Race, The Elohim, The Nephilim , Secrete Societies , Nazi Mysticism , The Knights Templar ,The Black Sun , Anti Gravity Technology , Prana , Thule Society, Racism , The battle between gods, Vril Society and the list goes on and on and on…

We could fill up an entire page of links that would essentially be representative of  most of the topics out there , that are considered esoteric, alternative history, conspiracy theory and ” All of them have some ties , or connection to the Thule Society lore .

Don’t you find that absolutely fascinating ! Now keep in mind If you have no investment in one theory , or belief , you can simply wonder through the data for the purpose of exploration , there is of course no final truth or analysis that has to be made here , it’s simply a way to explore all that is , and if any of it resonates and helps to elevate and expand , then use it.

So here is a laymen attempt at encapsulating the point here , from a certain perspective, one that is looking at the outward manifestation of consciousness here in physicality , it appears that what we are seeing in this story about the Thule Society and all the associated subject matter related to it , is the battle of polarity , opposing forces acting as a rock tumbler for consciousness, and when one has overcome polarity and becomes unified , integrated , you come out all smooth and shiny , which is representative of the true angelic or holistic human .

One might say this is the purpose of earth or physicality , and the story behind the Thule Society and all the other subjects that surround it are simply the stories , the dramas, the characters, that make up the cosmic play.

There is so much information on this subject it will stagger the mind, one could spend and entire lifetime digging deep into the lives and stories behind these characters , and many have , and for that I thank them , most of us have no time for such esoteric pursuits .

However if you have an inquisitive mind and the stories or versions of history we were taught in school just don’t seem to add up and are simply not enough to satisfy your curiosity, then by all means dig into the Thule Society and you will find that alternative history is a lot more interesting and gives you lot more insight into the nature of nature, the beauty and complexity of ” All That Is ” .

I’ve included a lot of links above to get you started on this very fascinating journey and below is an eight part video series  that attempts to connect the dots so to speak , which I found very fascinating and resonate , however based on the comments below the videos it does not resonate with many people and that’s OK , that just made it all the more interesting for me !

So many people are so invested in their beliefs and their version of reality , “anything” outside of that becomes a threat, that’s the problem with having a Rigid , Static , Unchanging belief system , it makes the believer Rigid , Static and … Unchanging, which is not so good for growth and expansion now is it , but that’s OK…all things are allowed expression !

Check out the books below on the Thule Society !

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