AH Guest Writer : What’s Kabbalah All About ? Part .4

Guest Article By : Beverly Nadler CH CMT

“Scanning” Hebrew Letters and Words
As I heard Karen Berg and her sons talk about the importance of “scanning” – moving your fingers from right to left under the Hebrew words as you scan the text with your eyes, I couldn’t help but wish that one of them had explained WHY scanning “works”. (They were talking about scanning the Zohar, the sacred Kabbalah text, described below).

I wished that someone had first explained that everything, including the letters on the page of a book, is vibrating energy, and that the reason you “scan” the Zohar or Hebrew letters is to connect with their spiritual energy.

Telling people to “scan” letters and passages they can’t read or understand, makes no sense unless they already know that everything is energy. Then they can accept the possibility that by scanning the Zohar consciously (meaning with focused attention), they’ll receive the high vibration energy of the letters and words.

Hebrew letters and the two languages, Aramaic (the original language of the Zohar) and Hebrew, are considered “sacred”. That means they have a very powerful spiritual vibration, one that “connects” to (or brings you into “vibrational harmony” with) the non-material Source that Kabbalists call “The Light”.

With that understanding, scanning makes sense. Without it, you might make fun of it as a ridiculous concept (which critics do) and you can negate the value of scanning by your disbelief. All spiritual and psychological teachings tell us how important our beliefs are, and that if you believe something doesn’t work, it won’t work…at least not for YOU! (As Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”)

Fortunately, there is a difference between DIS-believing scanning has value and being “open” to allowing the energy to impact upon you, even if you don’t believe one way or another. The former can prevent you from receiving benefits, while the latter can give you positive results!

What is the Zohar?
One of the most powerful methods for changing beliefs is learning something new that impacts upon your mind and consciousness. The Zohar, aka The Book of Splendor, brings you life-changing knowledge. The 23 volumes that make up the Zohar interpret and comment upon the hidden mystical meanings in original biblical texts…meanings, that until recently were never shared with the public.

In addition to the knowledge you gain from reading the Zohar – it is now published with the English translation in addition to the original Aramaic language (Aramaic uses the Hebrew alphabet) – scanning the Zohar allows you to access the vibrational frequencies that connect you to the Creator, the Source of All-That-Is, that Kabbalists call “The Light”. Thus, the Zohar brings you enlightenment in more ways than one.

Though the ageless wisdom of Kabbalah goes back to “the beginning” (whenever that was), the written texts or scrolls of the Zohar were first found about 900 years ago and Kabbalists believe they were written about 2,000 years ago. Yet, the Zohar contains references to the sub-atomic quantum levels of reality that quantum physicists are now just discovering.

No important subject is left out of the Zohar. You will find commentaries on the cosmology of the universe, the nature of time, space and matter, sacred geometry, insights on some of the most profound concepts of psychology and philosophy, on our body-mind connection (the significance of which our scientists and doctors are finally recognizing), on health and healing, on relationships, even on business and how to increase prosperity.

In addition, it is said that just possessing the Zohar — with its high frequency vibrations (from its contents, Aramaic language and Hebrew letters) — offers you a shield of protection from the negativity and chaos of the world. When I bought my copy, there was no English translation, and while I have no “proof” that the presence of the Zohar in my home protects me and my family, I believe it was a worthy investment.

Personal Practices
I begin my day with spiritual and mental practices to raise my vibrations and bring in more “light”. These include conscious breathing, brief “scanning”, contemplating on one of the 72 Names of God (which are really “aspects” of God), and visualizing and affirming what I desire to create in my life.

While I don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time in formal meditation, I believe in the meaning of one of my favorite quotes from Abraham Lincoln. “If I have seven hours to cut down a tree, I spend six sharpening my saw.” I consider it essential to prepare my mind before I start my day.

Whether you think Kabbalah is the way for you to do this, or Kabbalah is included in your spiritual practices, I highly recommend that you have a method by which you take charge of your mind and raise your vibrations. You must become the master of your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions – for these are the vibrations that are creating your life!

NOTE: Of course, Kabbalah and my teaching are not the only teachings that emphasize the necessity of changing our vibrations. The esteemed scientist, Dr. David Hawkins, author of several exceptional books, including “Power Versus Force”, checks “everything” for its vibrational frequency. Dr. Hawkins’ books even contain charts that show the various levels of vibrations. In his lectures, he explains that it is impossible for certain countries to communicate with each other because of the differences in their energy fields (their vibrations).

What Kabbalah does that most teachings, besides mine, don’t do — is explain “how” spiritual laws work and provide tools and techniques for change.

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