Apocalypse How : Father Sun Awakens

Well it looks like the real “Big Daddy”  of the solar system has come alive again , I was beginning to wonder if we would see any more action out of our Star performer , the highly publicized solar cycle 24 was supposed to be the show of a lifetime , however it’s turned out to be a box office dud.

Then promoters said … wait , it could be a double peak cycle , so lately we have all been waiting for that second peak to kick in , maybe this it , although every time the sunspots become earth facing they fall apart on stage , it’s as if they are suffering from performance anxiety .

So here we are nearing the end of the solar cycle 24 , you know , the one that was supposed to herald the end times, and the only thing that seems to have ended is solar activity , which is why I was pleasantly surprised this week to see the uptick in Solar flaring , we have had at least half a dozen M class flares and 2 X flares in the last 72 hours or so , and it looks like we have at least some earth directed energy coming our way from the Coronal Mass Ejections that were released.

Most people on the planet could care less about the sun or what it’s doing , as long as it comes up everyday , they don’t think much about it, which I find amusing considering the sun is the de facto “God” of our little corner of  the universe. There is a reason people worshiped the sun , don’t you find it interesting  that the day of the week devoted to worship is SUNday ! Wake up people smell the photons !

And …we actually need a certain amount of solar flaring and incoming energy to help “puff up ” the atmosphere around the planet , so it’s not just about pretty flashing lights and filament eruptions , we live in an electric universe , and the sun is the earth’s power source.

Of course here at Apocalypse How we take it to another level as far the impact the sun has on the human race , yes it is warm , and looks pretty at sunsets, but it is so much more than that , many of us in the awakening community are exploring  the effect the sun has on consciousness itself , yes the sun and its energies , have a direct impact on human evolution , this is not a new theory of course, but we have been re awakening to the idea here lately.

Of course the mainstream science media has tried to take this new interest in the sun and channel it towards fear based ideas , think the movie 2012,  and all of the recent reports from so called experts in academia that we are only one kill shot away from living  in the stone age, or worse… an extinction level event , or ELE  … no its not a senators mistress .

Those of us who do not resonate with all the fear based crap , have another way to look at things ,  we see the energy from the sun as valuable upgrades to our operating system , seems natural,  that beings made of light , that’s you an I , would take our que from the big bright light in the sky.

The sun is like a portal , where the energy from source can come into this dimension  , giving us the stuff we need to manifest what we call physical reality and everything else for that “Matter” .

So when you hear about big solar flares and incoming ejection material , that’s a time to get excited, that ejection material is full of vitamins and nutrients for you consciousness , drink it up , eat it up , don’t waste a drop , let it permeate your vibrational field , as it will act to recharge , and revitalize your being.

Can there be physical effects on the planet that may effect the inhabitants adversely , sure , we could experience some outages with our poorly maintained power grids, although if we were to take the resources we piss away on wars and killing each other we could invest in new energy technologies and our grid infrastructure to mitigate the effects of all this incoming energy , but that require a sane collective humanity .

The sun is not our enemy as the control freaks would like the public to believe , the only enemy humanity has is the aspect of humanity that perpetuates all the fear based nonsenses on this planet. The good news is none of our nonsense can impact the sun , nope we are under it’s love and care!

So thank you Father Sun for all that you do , go sun spots AR1882 , AR1885 and AR1875 , I am ready for a large dose of love , keep them coming !

As the energy comes in however Mother earth gets quite excited too… and she can shake and shiver and dance , as the shock waves of energetic particles come in we sometimes get enhanced earthquake and volcanic activity , and right on que , Japan just got a nice one , US geological is showing as a 7.3 , grab your popcorn and enjoy the show !

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