Shift Report : ObamaScare Delayed

Well it looks like we have shifted a bit more , ObamaScare is getting delayed , which is a good sign , lets just keep pushing it further out until it  falls off the edge of the radar and lets be done with it .

No one wants it , it’s just another form of taxation!

And of course there is obviously not enough support at the template level in this collective for this newest of artificial control constructs to maintain integrity , it’s falling apart before it even gets started , and to that I say excellent !

Remember shifting is not about the world changing , it’s about you , us , changing and then shifting to an already existing version of a parallel reality that is more in resonance with your new beliefs , your new vibration.

So put on your shifting shoes and lets shift the night away , now is the time to ride the crest of this wave of transformational energy , that will take you to the version of reality that you prefer.

Father Sun has kicked in here as well recently , and is providing the energy to pulverize all the old beliefs  like a rock crusher ,  aiding in the process of integration for those that have chosen the path of re awakening .

We can see this happening in the headlines of the consensus reality , such as Protesters marching against surveillance , confidence in the US dollar shaken , super power in decline , nations join forces against surveillance , and on and on it goes … the old systems crumbling … and to that I say yes they ” appear ”  to be crumbling , because we are shifting , shifting , shifting !

We are moving at infinite  , nothing can “catch ” us , no belief system can entrap us , no virtual reality can cage us , we are  moving at infinite speed within the stillness of all that is !

We exist beyond and outside of the dream we call life , it is within us , and is subject to us , we are not subject to it , we will no longer be subjects to be ruled over , those days are over !

So lets keep on shifting , right past all of the fear based nonsense , by becoming unconditional love, understanding , forgiveness , empathy , and allowing all things expression while at the same time not giving our attention to that which we do not prefer , we don’t fight it , we acknowledge it for what it is and make a “Conscious ” decision to choose that which empowers , integrates and unifies , keep shifting !

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