Apocalypse How: Thoughts Versus Beliefs


There are many discussions about thinking positive , and how positive thoughts will create positive results in your life  , however I think there might be some confusion as to the difference between thoughts and beliefs , and ” if ”  there is any difference at all.

All I can do is speak for myself , how I would define thoughts versus Beliefs.  While I do believe that positive thoughts and positive thinking are beneficial I don’t “think” of thoughts as the same as beliefs  , to me they have some subtle differences.

I would define thoughts as simply motion and division, mind wandering, pondering , trying to figure it all out  , while beliefs would be more like a State of Being , a more solidified thought perhaps , a frozen thought,  a construct.

For example , during the day , we have all kinds of thoughts running through our heads , for me personally , I can have all kinds of thoughts both negative and positive oriented so to speak , but it does not mean I believe in them , or give them any real attention , they are just aspects of what I call monkey mind , the constant rambling of ego , always trying to figure it all out , what to do , when to do it , how to do it and so on.

Sometimes a thought , an annoying one , will stick its ugly little head up , and I know that I do not resonate with it , usually it’s some sort of limiting thought , so I just acknowledge it as a by product of the physical mind trying to do what it was not intended to do.

Physical mind does not have the ability to know what is going to happen , all it can ever truly know is what happened and what is happening , so in that sense it records experiences.

However physical mind , ego , monkey mind ,  what ever name you want to give it , has a tendency to try and map the future as if it had a clue , so what it tends to do is back seat drive the higher mind , the higher self.

Higher self is at the top of the mountain  it can see the terrain the , the incoming weather , the twists and turns in the road, the barriers and the clear passages , the hills and the valleys , and it “knows” exactly what you want , even if you don’t’ and it is doing its best to get you there, ( remember it is you )  in the least amount of time , and of course physical mind thinks it knows everything and doesn’t like being the passenger , so it is constantly chiming in , turn right , turn left, slow down , speed up , and on and on it goes , always insecure and wanting attention.

This to me,  is what thought is , its the by product of  monkey mind, so I don’t give thought all that much importance , I hear it , and it goes in one ear and out the other in a relatively steady stream. I don’t try to stop it , or shut it up , or to empty my head , I just let it go on ranting like a child , ignoring it , and it usually quiets down.

Beliefs on the other hand or more substantial , they are the filters in which we experience reality , so they are much more important , and are not something you usually “think” about , they are more of a knowing , they are more integrated into your psyche , which makes them all the more powerful for both positive and negative reasons.

For example I don’t get up each day and start thinking about what I believe , I don’t go around thinking about a belief system all day so that it will filter reality for me in that way , so that I will have certain types of experiences,  again , a belief is more like an operating system that needs to be updated form time to time to remain stable and relevant.

So when we have statements like, ” Think and Grow Rich ” or  ” You are what you Think ” , my inclination is that we are talking about beliefs , not the silly thoughts that monkey mind is cranking out continuously.

That being said it is very important to understand the difference ,for yourself, “Especially ” in the beginning of your awakening process, when you  are starting to take a hard look at yourself and why you behave in certain ways when you start to take  “Responsibility” of your “Being”  .

One of the chores involved with cleaning your inner house and doing the shadow work on yourself , is to listen to your inner chatter,  the inner conversation , as it will give you some insight into what your beliefs are , so in that sense , thoughts don’t create beliefs, thoughts would be more of a byproduct of beliefs.

As you start to examine your beliefs, start to examine your definitions , (which in a sense are the building blocks of beliefs systems ), and start to change them so that they serve you , so that they empower you , you will generally find that your thoughts will follow suite.

In other words , you will have a lot less negative thoughts when your beliefs systems empower you and are not based on limitation. When you define things in a more holistic , universal way beyond polarity , it removes the fertile ground for negative thoughts and a negative inner dialogue, becasue the two can’t really coexist.

Remember , thoughts are a by product of beliefs , change your beliefs and you change your thought process !

Of course this is just my perspective shared with you  and these are just words , thoughts and beliefs , they are not who “I am ”  , the terms are all  inter changeable depending your own personal definitions.

Below is an excellent video that delves into these abstract ideas of thought versus beliefs , I can’t think of a better duo than David Bohm and Krishnamurti to cover this ground , these  guys are fascinating  just to watch and listen to their thought processes, this is a great interview and a great way to be introduced to these two characters if your not familiar with them , I was fascinated , of course you might be bored stiff by the whole thing , it’s a very abstract conversation.

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