Apocalypse How: Sacred Economics


What would it be like to have a ” Sacred Economy”  ,what does it even mean ?

First lets define “Sacred”  as Holy or Holistic  , Unified , Divine ,  of a higher caliber or quality … absolutely no religious connotation here !

Now…for me,  it would mean being able to help others , be of service to others by using my unique skills and attributes, as my contribution to the collective , and in return others within the collective , would help me ,  in areas that I was not skilled in or not particularly passionate about , not becasue they have to ,becasue they “want ” to reciprocate , in the process of giving , so that the whole is served.

It would be a return to community , local and global , based on unity , not separation , where neighbors work together in self organizing collectives ,  it would  be a return to simpler times where the pursuit of material things was not the highest goal of society.

A reality… where the elderly are treated as the treasure that they are ,and not just stuffed away in some nursing home to rot away, far away  from their loved ones , because  western  , materialistic society , glorifies youth as if it was all that mattered , no matter what the cost and sees aging and maturity as a dilemma , a problem.

What would life look like if following your highest joy and excitement was enough to sustain and support you , what if doing for others out of compassion and love was a business model , a contribution that was rewarded in a way that was recognized as valid within your community .

What if good behavior was rewarded , what if kindness was rewarded , what if being good , kind , caring and loving were marketable products !

These are some of the ideas posed by Charles Eisenstein in his visionary new book “Sacred Economics “. Charles says “Community cannot be simply added on to a completely monetized humanity , for there to be real community , we actually have to need each other ” , paraphrasing here , but you get the idea .

Nearly every aspect of our lives has been monetized , by some product or service that we now need to pay for , even though everything on this planet came from “all that is” , it was all  here before human beings even roamed the earth , the air , the water , the flora and the fauna , the cells of our body , the entire universe is all here , infinite in its abundance , existence does not have to be earned ,  yet the economic system we currently have requires that you must “earn ” a living , that you must make “money” …to even live , it perpetuates scarcity , to inflict control !

Of course this is all from a greater persepctive, I understand that everyone should pull their own weight, that is the purpose of physicality to experience cause and effect physically !

Of course universe uses everything , nothing is black and white , good or bad , there are ways you can follow your joy , and your passion and have incredible monetary and financial success within the current system we have , however  there has to be a tangible product or service sold , and sometimes in the process ,  we lose ourselves , our humanity we become slaves to the process of simply making a living .

And of course over the last few years the quality of the current system has been greatly diminished , in reality we can’t blame the system , however it is time for change , we have outgrown the current economic paradigm, it got humanity to this point, good or bad , right or wrong , and likely a little of both , we learned from it and now we move on , and the idea of a Sacred Economy is another step in the “Right ” direction , a conversation that needs to be had , and action that needs to be taken.

As we watch the old systems crumble and collapse , we are left with a feeling anticipation and anxiety , as we get up each day to make a living , to put food on the table , to pay our bills , put a roof over our heads , we are still in the old system , however our hearts want something more , something more in resonance with our new vibration , a vibration representative of unity , love , compassion for all of creation.

Stories abound these days of people just walking away from careers , jobs , even though the rational mind says we need to stay to earn a living , the heart says no , that staying is more like dying… so we let go , we let go of all the old beliefs , all the old definitions about what abundance is , and we start anew !

Sacred Economics is about redefining , redefining , redefining what we want a new economic system to be , abundance instead of scarcity , quality instead of quantity , unity instead of separation , community instead of isolation , it’s a shift in consciousness itself that is creating this change towards a more Sacred Economy !

Check out the books below by Charles Eisenstein !

For more on the ideas and exploration of Sacred Economics , check out the wonderful videos below that have been “Gifted ” to us from Charles Eisenstein, Charles says “The Gift is the Fundamental Nature of the Universe ” !

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