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Author : Beverly Nadler CH, CMT

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If your life doesn’t seem to be “working” the way you want –if you aren’t having the success, joy and fulfillment you
desire –the main reason is probably not what you think it is.

Most likely, your life is not working the way you want because, if you are like most human beings, especially in our
western “civilized” society, your mind and body are in a continual state of “fight or flight” — the stress response that is now recognized as the cause of almost all illness. (And the hidden cause of almost anything else that you consider to be “wrong” with your life.)

The purpose of this E-book is to help you stop the continual pressure on your body and mind, most of which you are not even aware of – though it is affecting every area of your life.

Stress Affects Every Area of Our Life We are multi-dimensional beings – physical, mental,emotional and spiritual. We live in a multi-dimensional Universe where everything is connected to everything else,and to some degree, everything is affected by everything else.

Quantum physicists call it “The Butterfly Effect. One of 4 the variations on this theme is “When a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan, there is a tornado in Kansas.” Our lives consist of inner and outer “worlds.”

Our beliefs,thoughts, feelings, emotions, spirituality, intelligence,perceptions, attitudes, spirituality, emotions, opinions,judgments, ideas, values, creativity, and self-talk are all partof our inner “world.”

Our relationships, family, friends, other relationships, health, our work, business or career, finances,education, activities, behaviors, recreation are all part of our “outer” world. And in this energy Universe, everything is
connected, to a greater or lesser degree.

If you take a few moments to THINK, reflect and contemplate on the various things that make up your life,can you honestly say that there is ANY area that is NOT affected by stress, tension, and anxiety? Tension and anxiety are forms of “stress,” along with the many thoughts and emotions that make up mental and emotional stress –
worry, fear, anger, hostility, impatience, frustration, guilt,confusion, etc.

Can you see how any of the above could interfere with your judgments and ability to make intelligent decisions in your business or on the job?

Can you see how they can affect your thinking and your ability to achieve your goals and create the financial rewards you desire?

Can you see how they could create disharmony in your relationships -– whether business, family or friends?

Can you see how they prevent you from feeling joy in your life…one of the requisites for recovering from and overcoming the negative effects of stress?

Can you see how they can impede your personal and spiritual growth?

If you can’t – you need to think again.

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