Apocalypse How: Thanks And Giving


Today we will be ” thanking ” universe for the abundance that ” it is ”  and  ” giving”  our unconditional love in return , in the form of good food, camaraderie , and support to those around us who may not be able,  at this time,  to feel it on their own.

There is no higher vibration,  than the state of appreciation , of being thankful for our very existence , of knowing that universe will always support us in our journey towards greater expansion and awareness.

For many right now on this planet there is a lot of suffering , uncertainty and fear , many live are in turmoil and upheaval for various reasons and circumstances, some are related to money ,health ,  some are related to the incredible personal changes that are taking place in these times of the Apocalypse , the unveiling.

Individually and collectively we are going through this process, while each of us go about in our own unique way , collectively we share the lessons with each other , becasue ultimately we are one being , having the experience as many.

So today as you look around the table , around the room , on the street , in the park , as you drive past someone in their car , know that  any sense of separation is an illusion , we are all one thing… consciousness !

As the veil between the physical and the non physical , between the truth and the deceptions slowly fades , we are re awakening to who and what we truly are, and while we have always been these things , because of the cyclical nature of universe we are experiencing it as a re birth , and as  in all  human birthing processes , there is always pain …. followed by incredible joy !

For those that have chosen to follow their hearts, instead of their egos , for those who become love instead of fear , together we bring that joyous , appreciative vibration into this collective field where it heals , unifies, and transforms the very nature of reality itself into a more resonate frequency for us to co create a new consensus .

The new consensus will  be based in love not fear , unity not polarity, empathy not apathy !

The new consensus will empower not dis empower the human spirit !

The new consensus will serve the  individual and the collective there will be no need for pyramidal hierarchies !

The new consensus will “know ” we live in absolute abundance , in an infinitely  abundant universe of energy !

So lets be thankful and simply appreciate that we exist , the fact the we do , is the most astonishing truth that anyone can ever know , think about it , we exist, we don’t know how , we don’t know why , we don’t know where we came from , we simply exist , and there is nothing that can change that .

Thank you universe !

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