Apocalypse How: Are We Alone ?


Are We Alone In the Universe ?  This question to many of us is nonsensical,  and reeks of  arrogance or ignorance one of the two .  When I hear this question posited on television shows ,movies , documentaries , books ,  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I sometimes wonder how I got here, how could I be part of a society , part of a collective that is still asking this question as if  its really a valid question, I mean come on , it’s the 21st century , planet earth , the  milky way galaxy …really …are we alone … you gotta be kidding me !

So called scientists all around the world are looking at images through space telescopes, they can see a universe with billions of galaxies, a universe ,that for all practical purposes is infinite  , yet, in all of that , we are the only ones … yeah …right …that makes perfect sense.

We have evidence on our very own planet of  beings coming from the sky , coming form the stars , all of the great monolithic sites, all of the great ancient cultures around the world shout the news that we are not alone , that we have never been alone and we will never be alone.

Yet here ” we ” are in our so called modern world , ( Of course when I say “We” I am talking about the consensus reality , the collective , I understand many of us do not share this perspective as individuals ) with all of our technology and we are still groping about in the dark looking for answers , what happened to us , we used to be pretty cool , I mean , have we really evolved , why are we so cut off from the rest of creation , the cosmos, the rest of the galaxy… what happened to the human race ?

Well that is the question now isn’t’ it.  The first clue is to ask why , why would the societal engineers, the powers that be, or what ever term you want to give those that control the information , why would they want to propagate such nonsense , well the answer seems clear , CONTROL !

You see it’s hard to be Big Daddy when you don’t have all the answers , Daddy is supposed to know everything right , so Daddy tells the children that we just don’t know , gosh , gee wilikers , its just a big ole universe and we just don’t know , but we will keep killing each other , and destroying the planet , and maybe one day we will find out… what ?

Yeah …right … more like , you don’t need to know, just keep working , propagating and building , we will tell you what you need to know , how to think , and we will send our little probes to Mars so you can see the dirt … wow…  so exciting!

I mean 2010 went right on by , and guess what… still no Mars missions , sorry Aurthur … nope , we still have a lot of bombing to do , we still haven’t bombed enough people yet , gotta meet that quota for destruction to power the military industrial security complex.

Yeah I know what your thinking … hey … at least we have the Ancient Alien series ! … from the history channel propagating the idea that  basically ” Everything Happened ”  becasue of Ancient Aliens … jeeeze …not sure that helps… now I feel like an ape who couldn’t get a damn thing done until  the Aliens came and gave us a shave , haircut and some of their DNA !

I don’t know,  I guess I’m just ranting, I’m  just so ready for the ships to land so we can finally put this whole “Are We Alone ”  nonsense to rest , not to mention the kink it would would put in the owners plans , they would have to reevaluate their mission statement from divide , conquer and control … to … can we still play ?

I know , I’m not relying on anyone else to save us , this is our little mess and we have to clean it up on our own , I guess that’s the point , the lesson , the reason for physicality , to give us an opportunity to overcome adversity , from darkness to light , yeah I got it , I saw that movie , over and over again.

Well at least we are headed towards the light right now in the cyclical progression of consciousness   , it would be a real downer  to wake up in the middle of a down turn , could you imagine … well here we are… just getting ready to head into the Kali Yuga Cycle… so have fun , only a couple thousands years of darkness ahead … and chaos … oh joy make the best of it !

So what was my point , honestly I don’t know , I guess …just know ” We Are Not Alone ” ! It’s not really even possible , the experience of it yes, the actuality …no !

We are literally immersed in a virtual sea of life ,so prolific as to boggle the mind { which isn’t hard } ,so open up your heart, and the others , you will find … are all around us, we are always supported , always loved , we are never alone !


Below is the typical main stream perspective/propaganda , we just don’t know …yeah right !



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