Apocalypse How: The Thin Line


They say there is a thin line between genius and insanity and as I watched the man walking up and down the street , I wondered if his gyrations , hand gestures and the conversations he was having to someone or something , were… real.

Maybe he was actually in communication with a higher realm , on a higher frequency , that most of us are not tuned into  , how do we really know , just becasue we don’t see what he sees and hears , why does that make his experience any less valid than our own.

What is real  anyway , I’ve had experiences that were real to me , that no one else could vouch for , we are all operating within very narrow frequency ranges when we are using our five senses , there is so much more going on than what we see and hear , yet we make the assumption that ” these people”  are crazy , wacko , as if we are seeing the big picture …yeah right.

I would sooner trust the insights and morality of your typical bag lady then any of the corrupt and cutthroat personalities on wall street or the District of Corruption , commonly known as DC.

As I waited for my breakfast to be served , it was quite entertaining as I watched him go to four separate points in the street , ironically they were the four points of the compass,  the four cardinal points as they are often called , of course this is highly ritualistic and even gets into aspects of astrotheology.

As he went to each point he would raise his hands into the sky , and speak some words of which I couldn’t hear from inside the lodge , he looked quite serious and completely oblivious to the occasional local who passed by in this little village of only a few hundred people.

Of course they paid no attention to him , this was probably a daily occurrence , he was simply  part of the background , blending in , like the trees and the sidewalk , I even wondered if anyone else even saw him , perhaps I was the only one who noticed him , in my relaxed dream like state.

No matter where you go , the big city or country village , you will see “them” , you know , those people , the homeless, the street corner beggars and entertainers .

Who are these people , what are their stories , how did they end up where they are  , it fascinates me to think about them and what their lives used to be , were they happy , wealthy , did they use to be  so called upstanding citizens , do they have families , children.

However the ones that really intrigue me are the ones who seem to be communicating with others , how many of them are walking that thin line between Genius and Insanity , they say in an insane world , a sane man will appear insane, and I can definitely relate to that , and have felt that on numerous occasions , ” in the world but not of it “.

A pleasantly detached  sense of knowing this was just an illusion , albeit a persistent one as Albert was fond of saying , I could picture Einstein as a street person, his disheveled look blending right in .

As we begin to re awaken to the nature of reality and the way the world really works, we have a tendency to ramble and blab to anyone who will listen about all of our new found insights and perspectives , usually to deaf and often irritated ears , most people don’t care nor do they want to hear about things that they feel are out of their control and irrelevant to their daily routine or program.

What if the man on the street who is ranting is actually a genius and can see realities and perspectives that the rest of us in our programmed state are oblivious to , what if they are treading that thin line between the physical and the non physical worlds , and are simply struggling to make sense of it , and in our ignorance we cast them out as if they were crazy .

As I finished my breakfast , and washed it down with a hot cup of coffee, I felt a sense of empathy for the man in the street , there have been a few times where I have walked that thin line as well , and as I got up and walked out into the cool morning air, I walked passed him and looked into his eyes as he stood there in an almost trance like state , and I wondered what he was thinking about , perhaps he was the genius and I was the apparition of his reality , a ghost  lost in the wilderness of materialism.



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