Shift Report : Dynasties Fall


When we talk about the collapse of  old systems and corrupted dynasties falling to the wayside this is not exaclty what I had in mind, I was hoping perhaps for something a little more meaningful than the demise of yet another reality show.

Yet here we are , The whole world seems focused on a Duck Hunting show and what the people in this duck hunting show said about others… who I’m sure have never been duck hunting in their life …so why does any body care!

Honestly… I have no idea , I need to check my coordinates, I think I may have ended up on the wrong planet , when I made that last shift,  things seemed a bit more rational , war was averted, forced health care was loosing steam , but then I end up here , in a world all up in arms about some guys with beards and trendy camo clothing !

As I look around the world today in this moment of the 3D matrix I  have found myself  in , I can only hope this is a brief transition period before my next shift, my next jump , becasue this is pure nonsense.

On the other hand , things aren’t so bad, we have averted war , the proposed  health scam system  seems to be on it’s death bed, the most powerful man in the world ( joke ) is going on vacation again so that’s good , less trouble we can get into.

So I may as well camp here for awhile on this version of planet earth and rest before the next major shift , hopefully it will a bit more interesting on the next run, although I’m not getting my hopes up , its going to be 2014 for gods sake.

I mean what happened to all the exciting stuff that was …well… supposed to happen !  Lets go back a few years here now since 2008 as a good starting point.

OK lets see.. No Economic collapse , No world War III , No 2012 Destruction or Ascension of the planet  , at least that I can tell , No killer Comets, Elenin and Ison both Duds !, No dismantling of the Federal Reserve or the Military Industrial Complex, No Bankers have gone to prison, No False Flag Alien Invasion, No Niburu or Planet X , No Public announcement of ET or disclosure, No Shift of the earths poles magnetically  or otherwise, No killer Solar Storms, cycle 24 maximum has turned out to be boring ! , and on and on , in fact nothing has really turned out the way we thought it would   … isn’t’ that amazing .

I think we can all agree that we have no idea what the hell is going to happen … can’t we !  So lets stop trying !

We are immersed in a virtual reality construct that clearly has safeguards built in , nothing really gets as bad as we think it will , and when I say we and think , I’m talking about the ramblings of the conditioned mind, both the individual and collective one, this is where most of this nonsense comes from , mean while higher self sits back and laughs at all the gyrations we go through worrying about the …Future , what a concept , yeah that’s all it is,  a concept , it does not exist.

So perhaps from this vantage point , we can see there really is no future or past , there is only now , and as long as we allow the monkey mind to play its little games , we will always be lost in the illusion.

So I am going to stay here in this moment , lay back under the tree and just breath and close my eyes and feel the moment , no thoughts, no distractions , and enjoy , and dream about a world where ducks can …just be ducks , with no one harassing them , and no TV shows about people harassing them …awe what a concept !

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