Apocalypse How: 2014 Attack Of The Zombies !


It’s 2014 and The Zombies are here , run … run to the malls … I mean hills !  Billions of them around the planet , walking around in every town and city , state and country , the numbers increasing daily , their minds filled with things , things that need to be done, things that need to be said , things they wish they would have done and said, a steady stream of incessant thinking !

As you walk down the street , you can see them everyone , deep within their thoughts , cut off from the present moment , like zombies in a horror film , only instead of not being able to die, these zombies are not able to live, their conditioned minds have  built a prison around their perception , their awareness , everywhere they look there is a thought , a conceptualization , a categorization , a judgment , an opinion , their  life situations play on endlessly , like a broken record, like a bad soap opera with no ending in sight , life is a constant battle full of conflict , resolution , loss and gain , this is the state of the modern “Human” being .

On top off that we have “technology” , machines that are supposed to make our life simpler , easier , and  while walking , lost in their thoughts , the zombies are texting and talking on their smart phones to other zombies, , thumbs flying as they struggle to text , think and walk at the same time , bumping into each , like cattle headed towards the trough ,  occasionally you get a glimpse of their eyes, no sign of presence , no sign of awareness , lost in the wilderness of the mind, with frowns on their face, fear in their eyes , it’s a jungle out there and everything is a threat .

The zombie society is completely immersed in the world of the conditioned mind , we have bankrupt the entire planet , mother earth is struggling under the zombie’s lack of presence , there is no telling how much longer she can take the abuse of the Egoic zombie mind .

Yet there is hope  … within the wilderness of the mind made world , there is spark , a glimmer of light , the light of being , some of the zombies are waking up , not in huge numbers , but here and there ,  not usually by choice either , no … the cure for zombieism tends to come in the form of life changing situations, wake up calls, hitting rock bottom , where the “eternal being” that was lost in the mind , the zombie ,  is suddenly stripped clean of it’s beliefs, and all that is left is presence, in these initial brief moments , the zombies get a glimpse of their true nature , infinite, eternal , stillness beyond thinking … Being !

Being … is beyond smart phones, shopping , judging , loving , hating , beyond your life situations , beyond persona, and identification with thinking and thoughts , this is the beginning of coming back to life , coming back to a state of pure presence , back to “Present Moment Awareness”.

If you are one of the zombies who have had a glimpse of your true nature then you know what we are talking about , a sense of peace will have come over you , you will be one of the few who is actually present in your body , and your body will respond with life , vigor , energy , vitality , joy , abundance , you will have momentarily experienced the “Now”  , and this taste of  life will set you on the path towards living in the present moment !

Please spread the message of “Now” it’s the only hope for humanity and mother earth , all you have to do is be ” Presence ” itself and in doing so , you will be a ” Living Template ” for those around you to pick up on , they will sense the presence in you and will respond with like vibration , this spark can set off the wildfire that can end the Zombie plague on this planet , it’s up to you though no one can do this for you , only you can change your focus , only you can be Present !

Definition of Zombieism:     Zombieism is the absence of presence, it is the total identification with the conditioned mind, your thoughts, your life situations, your personal story or narrative, it’s a belief system that says you are a human animal nothing more , when you die that’s it , it’s over so you better get all you can , becasue you only live life once, and you don’t have much time, it’s a dog eat dog world and if you want to survive you have got to achieve your goals , and propagate so that your name will live on , giving you some semblance of immortality !

Tips For recovering from Zombieism : Zombieism isn’t so much a disease as it is a chronic condition, and like any condition it can be reversed , below are tips to curing zombieism.

.1 Remain present , live in the moment , this is best achieved by becoming an aware observer, by allowing enough presence to occur so that you can become the witness to the thinking of the conditioned mind, this is the beginning process, this will give you the awareness that the conditioned mind, thoughts , thinking , life situations are not what you are , they are finite , part of the world of form which is a construct created by consciousness.

.2 As you go about your day , without judging , from the perspective of the ever present being that you are, witness the conditioned mind and all its thinking , notice how it reacts, notice how it resists, notice how it says no to everything initially out of fear of change.

.3 Once you are well practiced and you now know that “You ” the eternal “I AM”  is not your thoughts, your life situations , once the “over” identification has been resolved , then you can work on resolving any identification to the conditioned mind , this process will not make you a cold detached person , in fact exactly the opposite will occur , because of your growing presence, others will be attracted to it , they will feel the space you have created for them , they will feel that you are actually present and really listening , being with them !

.4  Become the gardener of the mind , the mind is not a bad thing , it is a necessary and powerful tool , we have just become out of balance in our use of it and it has become overgrown and counter productive in many ways. So as  thoughts arise just let them go , cut them out don’t give them any further energy by overly identifying with them, if you keep up your weeding, you will create the space for presence to grow !

.5  And as your presence grows , so  does the space in your garden , your inner reality becomes more expansive less cluttered , which of course makes it easier to see when a weed or thought sprouts up , you can now clearly see thoughts as separate , from what you are , thoughts have their own life force , they seek to live and grow , like weeds , once the light of presence is strong , it will not be conducive to weed growth, they will wither and die in the light of Pure Presence!



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