Apocalypse Sun : Sunspot 1944


Just like most things these days , nothing is really turning out like we thought or what some had predicted .

And solar cycle 24 has been no different , even the double peak theory hasn’t panned out yet.

Father Sun is smiling I’m sure , my god the arrogance of humanity , we think we know whats going on , course that’s the problem , way too much thinking going on !

So as we watch Sun spot 1944 roll around the limb , I have to admit to a little excitement , perhaps Father Sun will throw us a bone , and deliver a nice sized dose of reality our way in the form of a Coronal Mass Ejection , preferably a full halo , direct impact,  to wake us up out of our stupor.

I mean …come on it’s 2014 !  We are still driving around in internal combustion engines, we are still talking about going to Mars one day , big deal to do what , look at dirt , find microbes , we are still printing money out of thin air , Wall Street is on a sugar high while main street is clearly suffering from hypoglycemia.

So come on Father Sun , no more glancing blows, we need a full hit , a complete data packet upgrade to consciousness to get things rolling here in 2014 , we need a wake up call before we wake up one day and find we have all had micro chips installed in our hands and we are waiting in line at WalMart for our monthly allotment of provisions.

Not to mention the importance of solar activity has on our climate , the last thing we want is another Maunder Minimum, that one lasted from about 1645 -1725 , of course we have no control over it, what we want is quite irrelevant, these types of events represent the cyclical nature of universe.

I just miss that energy from Father Sun , it really stirs up things down here , keeps things moving along , and lately it feels like things have stagnated a bit , lots of things are happening , but not much actually changes, it’s pretty much business as usual.

Of course looking to the outer world for stability is a sign of insanity , yes I can admit to my own insanity , there is nothing stable about the world of form , so I may as well accept what is and surrender ,  put on another coat and go out and chop some more wood to keep the home fires burning , embrace the chilly morning air as Father Sun glares down at me … laughing !




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