Shift Report : Global Warming Scientists Stuck In Ice


I know … you can’t make this stuff up , the global warming scientist are stuck in the ice , how the hell did they let that happen , well I think we can put the whole global warming farce to bed finally …here we are post climategate , clearly things are not what they seem , how about we just call it Global Extreme Weather and leave it at that.

Everywhere around the world , rain , cold , snow , heat records are being broken , the Sun has gone on vacation , with little activity and nothing is “normal”  anymore , whatever that was.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had no rain, only cold frigid weather for months now , the old timers have never seen anything like it,   in fact the entire western part of the united states has been under the effect of a large high pressure system that just won’t go away , which has effected the normal flow of moisture , the results… we are too dry and  too cold!

Then of course comes the Polar Vortex that is hitting the upper half of the country right now ,sending temperatures plummeting, and blanketing a large portion of the country in snow and ice .

Videos and images are coming in from all around the country reminiscent of the  “The Day After Tomorrow”   , where a giant super vortex storm pulls air down from the upper atmosphere and flash freezes everything in site , not making any predictions here but the extreme weather seems to be on the rise.

The seasons and cycles all seem to be off , and have been over the last few years , even the earths magnetic fields are in flux , I have noticed the geese never migrated south this year , yep..they are still here , normally in October I watch them high in the sky in large V patterns headed south , flock after flock .

The last couple years …nothing , no geese migration , in fact this year all the geese are still here flying around the lakes up here back and forth like they don’t know what to do exactly , a bit confused like the rest of us , not knowing which way to go , trust me I know the feeling , sometimes I feel like those geese, not sure whether I’m coming or going  .

It feels like we are temporarily between shifts , everything in a holding pattern , while universe sorts it all and decides whats next , global warming or global cooling, economic collapse or new technologies and a road to recovery , peace or continued wars for profit and control ,  truth or more lies.

Of course the inner conflict within each of us is full swing as well , as financial hardships grow , challenges in relationships  and increased pressure from above and below , we are getting squeezed,  we are being forced to deal with all of our garbage , all of the negative energies that have no place to go are coming to the surface .

We can no longer accept the lies of the world and the lies of ourselves, we are tired of being ruled by the conditioned mind , we are tired of playing our roles , we want freedom from the bondage of Ego , which has robbed us of our joy of being human , it is now time for surrender and acceptance ..lets Shift !





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