Apocalypse How: Learning To Die Before You Die


There is an old saying, you can’t truly live until your not afraid to die , and this is what I am talking about here, about learning to die before you die, so that you can live more fully , so that you can escape the limited state of the conditioned mind .

All of our fear , ultimately stems from our fear of death , of annihilation , of course we are eternal beings , we know that intuitively , many of us do any way , so who is doing the fearing , where is the fear coming from.

Well it’s the ego of course , our persona , it is part of the world of form , so it knows it’s time is limited , and because it is in a sense a separate entity , it seeks it’s own survival , which in some ways is productive in protecting the body from danger , however it is passing it’s point of usefulness.

Ego has been part of our evolution , perhaps in the beginning humans were simply in a state of “being” , of present moment awareness , there was no thinking , we were always present, much like the animal kingdom , animals are in a state of being, for them there is no past or future , there is only now, they do not have problems to contemplate , problems are a by product of  the human thinking mind.

At some point , perhaps after what we call the fall of mankind, man chose to eat form the tree of knowledge, and he was introduced to the idea of good and evil , of polarity , of thought and thinking , he became self aware ,it seems this was simply the next phase of human evolution, and the evolution of consciousness itself.

So here we are now  , and the ego has grown into a monster , it perpetuates a false  identification with form ,  with many manifestations , one of the most obvious is war , humans killing each other , and the madness ensues , the good news is we are pretty much done with the ego , it is becoming obsolete , it doesn’t work anymore, its on it way to the evolutionary scrap heap.

All around us we can see the constructs created by the egoic mind dying , our economic systems , our political systems , our social structures are all being effected by the slow death of ego , conversely the power structures that ego operates are all trying there best to retain and gain more control , this can be seen in the ever increasing police state, the continued wars for profit and control , and the growing elite and political class, the egoic mind creations are seeking to entrench themselves , to build a fortress around themselves in hopes of surviving this shift in consciousness.

Of course it’s efforts are futile and only serve to cause suffering in the individual and the collective , the pain is caused by the resistance to what is .  This is where learning to die , allowing  the death of the ego “now” ,  will allow more presence to fill your being, giving you more peace and freedom.

So how do you learn to die , what are we saying here, well its about surrender and acceptance. Surrender the need to be in control the need to be right , the need to know what will happen, and what has happened, and accept what is , in the present moment.

At first there may not be a lot of joy or happiness in this process, you may feel somber , lacking in direction , however underneath that you will notice a growing peace , a lightness , as if the burdens of the world have been lifted, they were never for you to carry in the first place.

When the physical body dies , you will still exist, the eternal essence of your “being” will still exist, you will still retain the memories of your existence in all of its forms , you become more of who and what you are, nothing is lost, however you will no longer be focused or identified with the personality that you were, it will have been as though you are waking up from a dream and you are detached , and looking at the role you played in that life,  as that , simply a role , a part you played , an expression of all that is.

So lets do that now , modify the focus  of your consciousness or being away from the egoic personified thought form , what we call the human being, and bring it into presence , you will then be in the world but not of it , this is the natural evolution that we are going through, acceptance will speed up the process , make it more enjoyable.

It is a process for most of us , it generally wont happen instantaneous , there will be oscillation , backsliding on occasion , and in fact as you become more aware , as you become more of a witness to the conditioned mind and thinking and you begin to detach from it, and you begin to identify less and less with it , as you learn to die , you “know”  that you are not your thoughts and life situations , of course the ego tries it’s best to drag you back in , to convince you that it is real and that you are… it.

What is happening  to many of us though,  is we are no longer relating to reality through the veil of thinking, this is at the core of the lifting of the veil when we talk about the true definition of apocalypse, the ego is being powered down , brought back to its original energy levels , and finally it will dissolve because you no longer give it energy , you no longer focus your attention on it , and like all illusory constructs, when the source energy of consciousness is pulled away the house of cards will fall.

This is where we are headed , this is the next step we need to take for a sane humanity and a healthy planet ,  we can become Holistic Humans , we can exist  in a state of present moment awareness and retain our ability to think , there is nothing wrong with thinking itself and using our minds , they are wonderful tools , we just need to find the balance.





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