AH Guest Writer : Blame It On Your Brain Part 2


(What Motivates Your Brain And How To Make Changes You Desire)

Beverly Nadler, CH, CMT ©2013

In Part 1 of “Blame It On Your Brain,” you learned how your non-physical mind operates through your physical brain, and why change does not necessarily result from changing your conscious thoughts.

Now, it’s time to learn what motivates your brain and how to make the changes you desire.

What Motivates Your Brain

1. Fear of loss
2. Fear of change
3. The path of least resistance

Your brain is always on the “lookout” for change and loss, which it considers to be a threat to you. When it correctly, or incorrectly (which is often the case),perceives a threat, it sends you messages through the functioning of neurotransmitters and neural pathways that cause very uncomfortable reactions (feelings and/or physical symptoms) in your mind and body.

Millions of people spend billions of dollars on self-help and personal growth materials in an effort to improve certain areas of their life. Yet, the percentage of success is disappointingly small (apparently less than 10%, with some studies indicating only 3%). Why? Because the brain likes “the easy way out” and prefers to follow the same patterns it always followed. This is why it puts up a fight with so much resistance to change, and frequently wins.

If change does take place, should a crisis or trauma occur in the person’s life, the old familiar patterns emerge and take over again, only this time they resist change even more. After a while many people become weary of so much resistance and hard mental work, and they finally give up.

So…How Do We Make Changes?

Until fairly recently, it was believed that the brain reached a certain point and did not change, except for shrinkage and a decline in mental abilities. Now, with brain imaging equipment, neuroscientists have visual proof that the brain can change for the better.

Here’s the good news…The brain can grow new cells — called neurogenesis. The brain can make new connections — called neuroplasticity.

The best news is that YOU, the conscious YOU, can create positive changes in your brain by DOING things to make the changes.

To grow new cells: Some of the best “tools” are meditation, good nutrition and physical exercise. Walking briskly is simple and very effective. Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and similar exercises are excellent for your brain and mind, as well as your physical and spiritual well-being.

For information about the natural supplement that gives your brain, as well as your body, the BEST nutrition on the planet, download my free Health Report #1 at Strengthen-your-immune-system now. (People using this product have even recovered from Alzheimer’s.)

To grow new connections, called “dendrites:” Do things to train and challenge your brain (puzzles, new activities, creative activities). And very important –- continue to LEARN. Read interesting books with valuable information. Acquire new knowledge on a consistent, preferably daily, basis. Learning something new, even something as small as a paragraph in an article, improves your brain.

To “reprogram” your brain for what you want: Use the tools recommended for reprogramming your subconscious mind: Visualization, affirmations, subliminal audio and visual programs, energy psychology techniques, NLP techniques, hypnosis, etc.

Also, be sure to use the MOST important reprogramming technique of all – free yourself of what stands in the way. You do this by RELEASING your negative programs, beliefs, trapped emotions, perceptions, patterns, etc., most of which operate below the level of your conscious awareness.

No matter what issue my clients contact me about, we begin our “reprogramming” steps by releasing the negatives.

As the famous biblical statement says, “You can’t put new wine in old bottles.” Your brain directs your life, and you can’t give new directions to a brain that is still filled with the old ones. It just doesn’t work.

There’s a great deal of information about the mind and brain, plus very effective releasing and reprogramming techniques, in “Vibrational Harmony – the Real Secret of Success, Health and Happiness.” (links are on this website)

Make all your self-work more powerful by following this simple suggestion: When you use the various tools, do so with strong INTENTION, and with conscious AWARENESS that you are changing your brain…and changing your life, for the better!

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