Apocalypse How: Ridiculously Resilient Ridge Part .2


Well this “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” has officially made the headlines , the Governor of California came out and issued a state of emergency … and it’s only January… the middle of the normally rainy season !

One look at Lake Shasta in Northern California in the picture above says it all !  Ouch … that is not pretty !

If you take a look at the US Drought Map you can see that most of the western half of the country is at some level of distress, with California at Extreme Level and Oregon already at Severe .

I think we can classify this as a fairly major situation underway and place it in the “Earth Changes” section of the site , along with things like the Japan Earthquake and the extreme and odd weather patterns we are experiencing globally .

This High Pressure ridge parked off the west coast of North America that has been dubbed the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” has the so called experts scratching their collective heads , no one really has an answer as to when this things is going to go away and allow the normal flow of moisture to return , sadly the wet winter months are already behinds us… it’s not looking good !

Going into to the summer months in this condition is going to be unlike anything we have ever seen in modern times. What does mother Earth have in store for us , I don’t know , no one does, I know universe uses everything and I am trying to figure out what  the silver lining is in this slow motion disaster.

One thing that comes to mind is the possibility that this high pressure ridge is acting like a buffer , in a sense protecting  the population of North America from the radiation being released by Fukushima , perhaps mother earth is saving our collective asses, maybe she figured drought is better than irradiating a population of close to 50 million people.

That is assuming of course that there is any significant radiation being carried over by the jet stream via storm systems and contaminating the  rain fall , there are people all over the internet with their geiger counters showing videos  that this is in fact occurring … god help us !

Of course there is also the possibility that the phenomenon is not organic but has been crated by weather modification technology , I can personally verify a massive increase in chem trail spraying here on the Oregon coast since the 2011 earth quake and failure of the Fukushima  nuclear facility.

The idea here is that they are using HARRP or some sort of technology , along with the chem trails which have aluminum oxide in them , and by heating certain areas of the atmosphere they are essentially steering the Jet Streams ….is it possible ,  well …”they ” are doing something that’s for sure , all you have to do is look up , maybe “they ” think they are helping, and if in fact there is significant radiation coming our way from Japan … then … maybe .

What ever is going on we are at the mercy of mother nature,  or in the case of weather modification we are at the mercy of whoever is playing god , either way it’s going to be an interesting journey as we move forward.

As I was thinking about the idea of  them using weather modification to steer the jet stream , I started to wonder if humans are actually responsible for this unprecedented “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge ” and if so … what is their ultimate agenda.

I know the scientists are all talking about the pacific oscillation as the root cause of all of this , and if that is the case , it might be time to think about moving to Alaska where it rains , as Oregon becomes the new Southern California.

Below are some videos I found where people were able to see the chem trail operations on regular satellite footage, the interesting part is they are all in the area of this High Pressure Ridge going back to 2011 … yep … right after the Japan Earthquake  …what are they doing out there !





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