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Well he’s back !  The Apocalypse Man ! Who is this self proclaimed Apocalypse man … none other than Michael Ruppert !

He’s come a long way baby , from best selling author of  Crossing the Rubicon , to his final fare well book …Collapse!  Michael has certainly crossed the Rubicon , and recently he’s even crossed state lines, moving from his home in California to a place somewhere in Colorado , that looks like a cross between a tent city and a Indian village from a western movie.

Now … I have to say I empathize with Michael Ruppert as a voice for the Apocalypse , we all have our voice , our part to play in the grand dream we call life, so I’m not knocking his work , or his life in anyway , he has helped to shed a lot of light on  the corruption , greed and insanity that much of the human race reflects.

In the video below  he starts to tell his story  , his experience  of the last couple of years as his life seemed to fall apart, as the big “Collapse ” never came, at least not yet anyway , he talks of being fed up with humanity , life , and was even contemplating suicide when finally he ended up in Colorado , penniless, stripped of all possessions  and at the very end of his rope.

Now how much of this story is true is hard to tell , he has always had a flare for the dramatic, but he does look a bit  haggered in the video and given that he no longer has his website up and running and we haven’t seen him in any videos for a long time , it’s probably the case.

It’s no surprise that many of the early doom and gloom practitioners have gone broke,  especially post 2012 , when the world kept turning and  Quantitative Squeezing  and money printing  have kept the bankers and the fake economic recovery story going strong.

So what does a messenger do when no one wants to hear the message anymore , well evidently you go for some serious spiritual cleansing in the sauna Tee Pee , hey it sounds good to me , beats the hell out of sitting in a cubicle all day or flipping burgers  for minimum wage , or in Michale’s case writing another book about the future that never came.

Course he’s not the only one  wondering what the hell is happening, I’m with you Michael !  I appreciate all that you did , although his story does bring up a very resonate point about all of this.

No one knows what is going to happen , and getting too caught up in it, making it the entire focus of you life can be  counter productive to spiritual awakening, it takes you into a state of fear , it’s one thing to be aware of the world and the way it works , it’s another to actually believe that the world is all there is and to become overly identified with this play, your persona , in  this soap opera  we call physicality , and it looks like Michael has come full circle, as most of us do …eventually.

So Michael , go ahead and relax and just hang out with your dog Rags, do some more chanting in the sweat lodge and try and find that peace within , becasue with out that it doesn’t make any difference what the hell is going on in the outer world .

So if your fan of Michael Ruppert’s work, or his story resonates in some way , or your just simply curious , check out the video below , it says part 1 , so perhaps more is to come from … Apocalypse Man !



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