AH Shift Report : Pentagon Launches Blimps !



I woke up one day…and unemployment is at 37%  , Americans on Foods Stamps at 20 % , Pentagon launches blimps over District of Corruption, what blimps, really … it’s 2014 and all we have are blimps, I think I saw that movie , slow moving blimps watching everyone.

Record levels of snow in the Midwest and record drought on the west coast , the stock market plummeting.

A new reality TV show where spoiled rich kids in Hollywood go around spending money like it was water , politicians believing they are royalty , spending millions on vacations while the middle class flounders into oblivion.

More mall shootings, more school shootings, global warming causing coldest temperatures in a century, retail stores like Sears and JC Penny are looking to close more store as they hemorrhage cash at unprecedented rates , they are calling it a tsunami of retail destruction , but the economy is improving…what !

Large triangular craft spotted on moon in Google moon images, looks very similar to the type of craft seen during both episodes of the Phoenix lights sightings , the Shalanaya are here  !

Canadian Politician comes clean about the existence of aliens and says that the elite of the world are hiding the truth … well I like that part of this version of earth !

Oh and lets not forget about the hottest new business venture … Executive Spray Tan Parties !

OK lets see … something went wrong , I must have got my coordinates messed up when I shifted , this version of earth looks eerily similar to the version of earth I just came from , in fact it seems crazier… but that could be a good sign …right  !

Ok … let me try this again , see if I can shift to a version of earth that has a bit more resonance … I mean do we really need spray tan parties and watching OMG Hollywood kids blow millions on houses,  cars,  and toys in tinsel town … what a show , I am really convinced  that planet earth is entertainment for the rest of the galaxy .

Yes earth is one big reality show and we are all like the cast of survivor , trying to make it through the day , have a bit of fun before we get kicked off  the planet !


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