Apocalypse How: Apocalypse Man Part 2



It looks like we have a real live Apocalypse Man on the loose  , out there preaching the gospel , of course we are all going through our own mini Apocalypse , so in that sense we are all in the same boat .

I have to say in this installment of the Apocalypse Man part 2 , Michael shows us a different side to his personality , he seems more relaxed , probably more in acceptance of what is .

Michael Ruppert’s  journey bares a resemblance to what many of us have experienced as we pulled our head out the sand and looked around at the reality we found ourselves in , it  is the story of going “DEEP” into the rabbit hole and coming out the other side … awake , aware , sometimes jaded , but we don’t have to be , not in a bad way … we grow up !

There is a way to come to terms with the madness we have found ourselves in and still enjoy your life , after all it’s only a ride, other wise there is way too much suffering !

For me it’s “knowing” that this is all temporary , and not taking anything too seriously , especially myself !  I know from one perspective , humanity is on the highway to hell , yet nothing is written in stone, everything is up in the air , worse case we blow it  and it all goes up in smoke … and to that I say …so what …so what !

If you “know”  , not believe, but if you know that you are truly an eternal , spiritual , aspect of all that is, of consciousness itself , then you know that you are indestructible … however physicality is  always changing, form is always changing , so if we destroy the earth , or a comet destroys the earth… oh well …try again next time !

And I think to a certain degree this is where Michael Ruppert is right now in his journey, you can really sense that in this video , you can sense his surrender to what is , he knows whats going on , everything he says in the video is true , as it pertains to the civilization we have built , to our collective creation .

Michael talks more about consciousness now  in this video , when he gets into the failure and the successes of the Occupy Wall street movement , he can see that there has been some growth in consciousness, not so visible to the outer world yet…of course everything has to change inwardly before we see it manifest outwardly.

However … while the system may appear to be the culprit , until the quality of consciousness on this planet reaches a tipping point towards …well … better quality … no matter what system is in place , it is doomed to failure.

So in Part 2 of the Apocalypse Man  Michael  starts out talking about the absolute madness that is the Infinite Growth Paradigm and how we are destroying the planet,  and ends the video , talking about what is dear to his heart, his dogs,  music and good friends … and to that I say ,  your back on track Michael and I look forward to part 3 and thank you for your contribution,  and not being afraid to tell it like it is !


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