Apocalypse How: The Snow That Wouldn’t Melt !

no snow


The Snow The Wouldn’t Melt !   What … the hell… snow that doesn’t melt , snow that turns black and smells like plastic when heated  !

It all started yesterday January 29th after much of the United States was blanketed by a winter storm that pushed snow fall into the southern regions of the country , places that don’t normally get snow all that often…unusual yes.

Videos have started coming in from all around the country of people trying to melt the snow that fell yesterday using lighters and blow torches… I know it’s crazy.

In some cases with using only a small bic lighter the snow does not melt at all and in some cases starts to blacken , as if something in the snow was burning , in fact people are reporting that it smells like plastic… yuck !

When blow torches are applied to the snow , it seems to just evaporate slowly with no melting what so ever, very strange indeed.

Although it’s probably just the normal effect of a flame on snow , I don’t know , no snow around here to test but it makes for great diversion on a snowy Thursday afternoon.

I will be adding videos here throughout  the day as the would be researchers continue their experiments. Of course all manner of conspiratorial reason are given for the snow that won’t melt,  from nano tech …hmm , I saw that on  Revolution the TV series … to intense Chemtrail spraying campaigns that have been going on for weeks now …well that is definitely happening.

OK… we are just having fun here right …watching how people go crazy over silly stuff , what a country ! But you never know perhaps something will be revealed … and always stay away from the yellow snow !





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