Apocalypse How: Global Warming



Man …this global warming is cold !   I know its crazy , with all the warming going on I have gone through more firewood in the last 3 months than I would have normally gone through in 3 winters !

Jeeze … can we just trash the whole global warming thing , I know Al is going to be sad if we do , because he did invent global warming , or was it the internet , I don’t know.

Either way after the last polar vortex and  blizzards  with sub zero temperatures across the country … I think it’s time…we come up with a new name.

Oh I know , some are calling it  “Extreme Weather ” , well that fits , but this isn’t the X games here , were talking devastation on a global scale, California is in Extreme Drought right  now , in a state of emergency …and its only February … just think what August is going to look like .

I mean what the hell is going on , no one seems to know  , some are even speculating we are going into a mini ice age becasue of the suns lack of activity , another Maunder Minimum , so which is it global warming or Ice age, I mean come on this is really confusing , I don’t know  “weather” to move north or south !

One part of the world has too much rain and flooding and the other half is dry as a bone , I don’t know who is in charge but it’s not looking pretty… the New World Order is not looking very orderly … oh that’s right … order out of chaos …oops!

Here in my neck of the woods the lake out front will soon be a swamp land if this keeps up !  It’s almost as if mother earth is reflecting the insanity of her guests , well that makes sense , we certainly are not very mature guests.

Of course there is the man made,  weather modification , HAARP, Chemtrail insanity thrown into the mix, so yeah we probably screwed things up and now we will pay the price when all the veggies in California are gone … well at least they can  grow weed, it likes heat , no that won’t work becasue then we will be hungry with nothing to eat.

If something does give soon , we can just take the “m” out of the name and we will be calling it  “Global Waring ” … and we have all seen that movie !





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