Living From The Heart: The Six Heart Virtues Part 1.


As we expand and grow in awareness  we are entering a period where we will gradually shift from a slightly more negative environment to a slightly more positive environment.

Of course this too depends on which version of earth you decide to experience.

For now we are talking about the most resonate versions “WE” are detecting ,for those of us who want positive change and are willing to take total and complete responsibility in our co creative  participation.

For those that resonate more , with a doom and gloom ending of things and believe that they are victims of negative forces, the outcome and experience will be entirely different .

And that’s OK too, we are so loved , “all things” are allowed expression , the universe , all that is, first source , is infinite !

This shift , for many humans will likely be imperceptible.  Even for those that are more sensitive and aware of the finer grains of  life , will only be able to perceive the shift as subtle changes within their own personal reality, their own “State of Being”.

The outer world will likely be even “more” chaotic and insane than ever, as one paradigm slowly overshadows the other .  We can see that right now,  as of this article , the world’s economic crisis  worsens, wars and rumors of wars flourish and all manner of end times theories abound.

The key to all of this , the key to this increasing positivity that is permeating our current reality is a  shift to a more Heart Centered life.  A life lived form the six heart virtues. These heart Virtues are all within what we call unconditional love, or universal love, positivity.

Just as anger , jealousy , hatred , greed, etc. are all  ” within” the fear based paradigms.

The six heart virtues if lived each day, in every moment of ones life , will not only transform the individual or fractal of all this , it will spread throughout the entire universe , beyond physicality , into all the realms of creation.

The practical application however of living these Heart Virtues, of actually “Being” these heart virtues , is that they will transform your life and the lives of those around you , they will alter and increase your vibrationally frequency in a way that will bring abundance and joy to your earthly existence.

And as a receiver / transmitter you will help in bringing these higher vibrational frequencies into physical reality , thus altering the nature of the vibratory fields around us , and helping to usher in the increased positivity we are speaking of.

This is what ” Co creation ” is all about !

In part 2. we will go over each of the six heart virtues , and what effect they have on our lives.


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