Bashar Phenomenon: The Practical Application


As we move deeper into 2014 and into the Awakening process, we are getting glimpses of a much greater reality , a reality that is infinite in nature , without beginning or end .

A reality,  that has been and always will be, a reality that encompasses  “all That Is”, there is nothing outside of this reality , every “thing” is within it, and that reality is “us” , consciousness .

There are many voices that stand out , that are acting as way showers for us “Humans” as we  awaken from our slumber and start to re-remember what we are .

Apocalypse How is a portal for these voices , a place where you can come and listen to the cosmic conversation.

Understanding the nature of reality is part of the process, although  the  “Practical Application”  of this knowledge is the most valuable to us when navigating the paradigm shift that is occurring here on Earth.

And one voice stands out in that regard and that is Bashar . The information that is coming in from this being from the future is not only enlightening , but its practical application is changing the lives of many.

Bashar is able to eloquently illustrate , and articulate for us the ways that we can use the basic physics of the universe to create the reality “we choose” in every aspect of our lives here in physicality.

Bashar’s message is always “empowering” , and uplifting.

Of course , we are already endowed with this knowledge, becasue we are universe, we are the personification of universe, Bashar is simply assisting us during our awakening.

Bashar is in a sense acting as our higher self, Basahr is in a sense “Our Higher Self, remember , there is no separation there is only the illusion of separation that we create for a type of experience.

One of the most powerful lessons I have learned from Bashar and “Applied” to my daily life is the recognition  that “Only State Of Being Matters. Our State of being will determine what circumstances we experience.

Our state of being or vibration , will naturally attract from universe what it needs to support that vibration,we are always supported, which is why its so important to get clear on what you want , what you want to create in your life.

Because universe makes no distinction between pleasure and pain , positive or negative, a life full of hardship or one blessed with abundance

Especially now, as the vibrational energies increase , as we move through this threshold period ,its like turning up the power, our ability to manifest will become tenfold.

Remembering this on a daily basis , living each and every moment with absolute faith in being supported , allows us to tap into our higher selves, allowing greater connectivity , greater synchronicity , more abundance, more joy, more excitement, more of who we are.


In the Video below Bashar takes the time to really nail down what is holding us back, and give us practical examples of how we can make positive changes in our lives.


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