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Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

What you are about to hear, you have never heard before. The information is fresh and new. Do not be afraid. Allow the experience to flow without attachment or expectation.

It is not necessary that you share this information, although you may do so if you choose. What is of benefit to you is of benefit to All, since as you know, there is only One and therefore there is only the One having the experience of the many simultaneously.

The greatest issue on this planet at this time, is not one of poverty or war or pollution or any of the myriad of negative preoccupations that you frighten yourselves with.

These are but symptoms of the true underlying discord in your vibration and that is your separation from the knowledge of who it is that you truly are as beings in this time/space continuum. Your perception of yourselves is of being finite and limited in your influence over the reality that you live in.

But this is not the case. Quite to the contrary, your true nature is infinite and your influence on the reality that you are living is complete and absolute. The rate at which you are creating reality is the same rate at which your are able to manufacture and perceive your own thoughts.

Even those thoughts that you are unable to consciously perceive within yourself, those thoughts that you would identify as being subconscious, are currently, even as you listen, altering and creating, newer and newer realities. This rate is what you would call instantaneous.

Open your eyes and look around you right now. What you are looking at is a complete and accurate reflection of your own thoughts, conscious, subconscious and even unconscious.

What you are witnessing is a reflection of your beliefs: the beliefs that shape your perception of the reality that you are currently living.

For example, if upon opening your eyes, you are seeing a room that is empty of others save yourself, because of your beliefs, your thoughts may cause you to perceive yourself as being alone, or perhaps even lonely.

But this is only because your current belief system tells you that because the room is empty of any other being then yourself, that you are indeed alone.

What if you were to change this belief, that states that you are alone, because you see no other being in the room with you? What if you were to generate a new belief?

What if you were to adopt the belief that just because certain beings are not visible to your human eye, because those beings are vibrating on a different frequency from those that your eye is equipped to perceive, that this does not mean that those beings do not exist?

If you were to believe that such beings do exist and that they surround you all the time, then, you might open your eyes and instead of seeing an empty room other then yourself and thus concluding that you are alone and perhaps lonely,you may instead open your eyes in such a situation and say, “Well hello to all who are present with Me although unseen! I hope you are well and I thank-you for your company today!”

Now, by changing your beliefs, you have changed your reality. In changing your reality, you may then see evidence of your new beliefs, not just in terms of how you feel differently: not alone or lonely, but rather in the company of others, who although unseen, are still very capable of being good company.

“What might such evidence look like?”, you might ask. Synchronicity. You open your eyes in the reality that says you are surrounded by other unseen beings, look at the clock and see, 222 or 333 or 444.

Perhaps your attention is drawn by a sound, to look at a book. So you pick up that book and low and behold, in it resides the answer to a question that you were asking yourself yesterday and a mystery is solved or the solution to a problem has been found.

Note that by changing one simple belief perception of your reality, you have changed your reality. In the reality, in which you open your eyes and perceive yourself as the only being in the room, you then identify yourself as being alone and perhaps lonely.

This perception of reality has limited you now, to the options that you believe are the only options to you in that state of reality. There is no one to talk to. There is no one to consult. This reality for some, may lead to negative feelings,triggering even more beliefs that may progress to manifesting a reality that becomes increasingly distressing and further separating and alienating.

However the adoption of the new belief about the room and hence the new reality that manifests because of the belief, actually opens up more doors of possibility, opportunity and connection where in the old belief there were none. A more optimistic and positive reality to be living in, in Our estimation.


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