Apocalypse How: The Awakening Dream


Do not be afraid of  “The Dream”     Do not be afraid of  “The Dream”       The dream is what will awaken you , that is the paradox.

In November of 2008 I had my awakening dream. It started out with me literally waking up on “a bed” in non physical reality and realizing that my physical body was still asleep on “my bed”  in physical reality. The sensation was very unique, yet familiar.

It was an incredibly interesting and strange experience to wake up within a dream to a state of lucidity beyond anything I have ever experienced, a state of  awareness so far beyond what we normally call waking reality , that upon my return to 3d 5sense  reality , physical reality now felt like the dream.

And so it is ,  I “now ” believe physical reality  is , a type of dream from the perspective of
Infinite Consciousness

This experience which lasted approximately 20-30 minutes earth time , took me to a state of consciousness that was on a higher frequency , vibrationally than I have experienced while on this planet.

Upon return from the experience it was very much like coming down off a drug high where you want to return to the heightened state of awareness, to the extent that physical reality did not even feel real because of its low vibrational state, waking life now felt like the dream, and that feeling persisted for several hours after “Waking Up” .

Here it is  2014 going  on close to 6 years later and my perspective before “The Dream”  compared to my current state of awareness is literally like night and day. I now view myself and the reality I find myself  in, from a much broader perspective , I no longer see myself as just a Human Being , but as a Being playing the part of being human.

I now see this world and the universe from the persepctive of infinite consciousness, ego has been put on notice , to use only as a tool , it’s “Now” time to “live from the heart” , time to live in the moment , the only true reality.

I have often wondered since if any one else had a similar experience in that same time frame , as it seems to me that it was a pivotal moment in our mass consciousness where perhaps upon awakening we chose a new path , a new direction for humanity,  that is what it feels like to me anyway.

I know it may be hard to look around the world today and see that we have made any positive changes since 2008 , but they say it is always darkest before the dawn, and perhaps that is true now more than ever before in human existence.

I know that the awakening process has certainly been challenging for all of us,  a trip through the “Dark Night Of Soul ” is a common theme in the process, but I now feel more alive and infused with unconditional love then ever before. I am learning to live from the heart and in the moment.

So here it is March 14th 2014 and I am becoming a better person , a better “Human”  Being , and I am working on my site Apocalypse How , my contribution , my way of aiding in the awakening process and I came across a ” Bashar ” video last night where he was talking about events that would occur from 2008 – 2020 and beyond and one of the things that stuck out was when he started talking about a dream , and not to be afraid of this dream , and that in fact this dream Paradoxically would be the thing that awakens you. And it all made sense !

Go here to see the excerpts form my notes the morning after ” The Dream “.  As Bashar explains Physical Reality is more like Death than Death is , Physical Reality is more like a dream , than the dream state.


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