AH Shift Report: Putin's Party !



Anybody ready for a party, in this case Putin’s party, well here we are, another red line drawn in the sand. I could swear I saw this movie before just a few weeks ago, oh wait that was the big Syrian conflict, seems Putin ruled the day on that one too.

As I watch the consensus reality, it plays like a bad soap opera, the same characters, the same plots, nothing ever gets resolved and the beat goes on.

Clearly we are at another pivotal point where we have two choices, an escalation of the madness, or business as usual, which means more pillaging, more raping,more quantitative easing, more posturing, more saber rattling, on and on it goes.

Personally things are going well, once you become detached from the conditioned mind there is no getting upset about world affairs as there is nothing that the individual can do about it anyway, in fact those that are up in arms about the right or the left, the red or the blue, the conservative are the liberal, to go to war are not to go to war, are lost in the matrix, which of course is the plan , diversion and more bread and circus , this has been going of for thousands of years.

So here we are, this time we are not talking about Syria, we are talking about Russia, a nuclear power, whose leader does not appear to be controlled by the puppet master at this time, of course time will tell.

While I take no sides, and view all of it as simply the cosmic drama unfolding, it is becoming popular for many to almost respect Putin for not backing down against the globalists, the new world order if you will, and for that, if it is in fact what he is doing, and not just reading the script, one could almost admire him for standing up against the tyranny of the Western Empire.

The insanity of Washington and its hegemony has clearly reached a level of novelty, stupidity, and destructiveness unsurpassed in modern history.

So those of us that understand, that we cannot perceive what we are not the vibration of, must look at this and ask ourselves what part have we played in the manifestation of this insanity, and if none can be found and you do not agree with the impending insanity, then it’s time to shift!

By Monday, March 17, 2014 we will have shifted down one path or another. I have no idea what the correct path is, perhaps a conflict where someone finally stands up to the Empire is just what we need.

Ironically, globalism may actually be what prevents us from World War III, because we are so interdependent upon each other economically the whole idea of economic sanctions, military options, is a complete and utter farce for both sides, we are one race, and this may be the pivotal point where we realize, that the once two great superpowers are just countries like everyone else!

What a great day it will be when countries are just countries, people are just people and humanity sees itself as one.

So over the next 48 hours I want to shift to a version of reality, where universe in all of its wisdom, uses the situation for the betterment of humanity, whatever that means, even if it means things get painful for a while I am personally willing to make that sacrifice, however it doesn’t have to be that way.

And while the status quo may be comfortable at this point in time, and kicking the can down the road eternally may seem the easiest path, without any real change there wont being any real growth and without any growth were just standing still,  like we  have been for the last several years in a kind of temporal time loop.

As someone who peruses the forums the blogs the digital consciousness of mankind, humans all over the world are desperate, aching, hoping, wishing, for change of some kind, any kind of change.

Unfortunately many get caught up in the doom and gloom, however our greatest nightmare may become our greatest blessing. What if Washington overplays its hand, and Russia decides not to back down, leading to an economic disaster for the petrodollar, causing the collapse of the military-industrial complexes most powerful tool, the US dollar as the world reserve currency.

Without that no more wars can be waged, the hegemony ceases, and the Empire collapses once again under the weight of its corruption and lack of structural integrity.

This is the only way I can actually see out of the situation we are currently in, even though we know it might be painful for us as individuals, because we will all be affected.

We can’t have something new while the old is still in place, and the old seems to be so entrenched with no way to fight it.

The years 2010 through 2015, are a five-year period of incredible energy and potential for change, 2012 was merely halfway point of this five-year period among other things.

We are on the final leg of that five-year period and it feels like a major shift is about to occur. Remember universe supports us,  that’s all it wants to do, we are universe personified, the energy is there for our use, we are the energy, it makes no distinction as to positive or negative, reality is a prop, it’s up to us to decide, to choose, what we want.

Ultimately we all want freedom and while money is not the root to all evil our current economic system has been corrupted, at some point we need to find the value in each other again, we are infinite consciousness, playing the part of being human, many of us are lost in the wilderness of materialism, the world of form, the mind created reality.

For those that are awake, for those of us that have expanded our consciousness, we are like living templates, able to bring higher vibrational energy, into this dimension and act as catalysts for change.

So what we can do is be the change we want to see in the world vibrationally ,which is love , empathy , understating, compassion ,  as universe is simply a mirror. Let’s shift!

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