Empathy: The Key to Greater Understanding

Empathy is the Key to Greater Understanding of Who and more importantly “What” we are.

As we move deeper into the Apocalypse , the “Awakening” we will find that our greatest strength is our ability to feel with our hearts “Empathy”.

This is our connection to source and each other , our bridge , the path to experiencing “All That is “.

Empathy is an aspect of  the Heart and will lead us to more of who we are, more love, more compassion , more “Understanding” of the nature of reality.

Each day most of us are faced with challenge , Financial challenge, Emotional challenge, Physical challenge. This planet and all of its billions of inhabitants are going through a massive vibrational shift.

As the energies form our sun , our galaxy increase each moment , we are being transformed , and in this transformation we are attempting to integrate infinite consciousness, source energy  into a very dense , slow vibrational state, we call physicality.

This journey , we have chosen for ourselves,  is the cutting edge of co creative experiences, what we are learning here will resonate through out the entire universe.

So each day ask yourself , what can I share with the universe , how can I demonstrate that  I am awake , that I am aware of my infinite nature, and that I walk each day “Knowing” that I live in absolute abundance and Joy.

The “Way” of course is “Empathy” .  Empathy for all of those around you in your daily life, at work , at home , people you meet in the supermarket , those who have also taken this path , who have chosen to be part of this grand experiment in co creative manifestation.

There are many who are suffering, who are not awake , feeling cut off from source and humanity, and as we go through the birthing process , there will likely be times when their pain , our pain will be excruciating.

This is when the power of  “Empathy ” will be our greatest gift , our greatest tool in helping to get through these times ahead. As in all birthing processes,  it is at the very end stages when things are the most painful , right as we are about to emerge into the light.

This is where we are in this moment , we are traveling through the portal , the birth canal, we are feeling the compression as we make our way through this transition.

So take the time each day , No Matter What the Circumstances” and find it in your heart , to reach out , and feel , and know , that the person next to you is also feeling this way, is also wanting to feel more love, more joy.

This world needs “Empathy” each and every moment , it is the most beautiful of all “Human ” attributes, it is the path to our evolution , our re awakening into higher vibrational awareness.

Empathy is not about Utopia, in fact it’s adversity that creates the fertile rich environment for creating a more “Empathic Civilization” .

This is the purpose of this experiment  we call planet earth , we are transmitting these experiences, these lessons to the rest of creation , we are universe , teaching ourselves.

To Empathize is To Civilize !

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