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January 27, 2014 4:00pm
Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

All voice is the voice of the One, because there is only the One. Therefore, all expressions of its voice are relevant and acceptable.

You must cease and desist from the categorization of one expression as being dark, therefore bad, and another as being light, therefore good.

Rather, it must be recognized that the Universe is a place of paradoxes and it is by the recognition, reconciliation and integration of these paradoxes, that the power of growth is made manifest.

Without darkness, there would be no recognition of light. Without light, there would be no recognition of darkness. It is the mysterious dance of the two, that generates the expansion of the One into greater understanding of itself and its next leap into its highest will and highest good.

Therefore now is the time, and it has long been that the concept of duality must be released, having been only a tool that has taken you to the state of evolution that you have thus far achieved.

To proceed any further, it is now necessary to move towards the viewing of reality as a series of neutral experiences and occurrences, that are nothing more then the reflections of where you currently are: that these reflections are simply just opportunities for you to make free will choices about what state of being you would now prefer to experience, from the vantage point that is being presented to you by the reflection in the mirror.

No more judgment of what is being seen or what is being heard. Judgment, duality, separates you from the opportunity that this reality is offering you, to make the next choice about how you wish to proceed to your next preferred state of being.

Rather then judging the voice of another, use it to reveal to you the reflection of that which is within, that still requires your acknowledgement, attention and integration.

You must assume that this lost aspect within, does exist within. Otherwise you would have not attracted the sound of its voice without.

Only when hidden darkness within, is brought out into the light of consciousness, can paradox be resolved and there be a blending of all parts into a singularity of energy that can then manifest with clear intention.

So, you would do well to allow for and celebrate the free expression of all voices, be they dark or light, for they all serve you, as the external call to further inner knowledge, hidden knowledge of the self, parts of the self that have been lost and seek the coming home to the heart, by way of the path of unconditional love.

All that you fear within, will continue to make itself known to you through the voices you attract without, be they dark or light.

And that is why, neither of such voices is either good or bad, but neutral road signs for the soul to follow in the seeking and finding of the lost parts of itself, whose fondest desires are to once again be embraced in the arms of unconditional love.

Rejoice at the sound of the voice that speaks and sings melodies and words that delight and uplift you. Rejoice also at the sound of the voice that speaks and sings melodies and words that cause discomfort and cognitive dissonance.

For you have attracted both for the same reason. If you are seeing their reflection, it is because they are reflecting something within you, that you are projecting rather then embracing.

Some reject, project and reflect that which is light within. Some reject, project and reflect that which is dark within. You may do so with one or the other at various different stages of your evolution.

Neither is good. Neither is bad. The acceptance and embracing and unconditional love for both are necessary for your highest joy and growth.

So be at peace with all you hear and see and celebrate the voices as benevolent reflections allowing you to make the choice to retrieve all lost parts of yourself and call them home.

You live in a holographic hall of mirrors. All experience is neutral until you define it as otherwise.

Allow your dance with these reflections, this multitude of voices be free of the judgment of good and bad, righteous and evil.

Simply see your dance through this hall of mirrors, as a collecting of experience of integration, for the purpose of full conscious empowerment to choose a preferred state of being and thus create or manifest the reality of your highest desire and excitement.

Simply put, all is understood, integrated and known via the pathway of unconditional love for self and All. Allow this voice, the voice of unconditional love, to be the one that enables you to hear all other voices without bias or judgment. Thank-you.

The Collective



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