Apocalypse How: Relationships Part .1


Relationships are the reason we are here, we are  talking about all types of relationships , not just spousal relationships but all of them  all relationships are a reflection , just like all of universe is a reflection of our state being, our beliefs and our definitions.

Right now a lot of people are experiencing challenges in their relationships because of all the  adversity in their lives, primarily becasue of money and financial problems, that’s a big one right now ,   people are  loosing their jobs, or can’t find a job , they are loosing their homes, everything they have worked for is gone , this creates fear , which gets reflected in relationships.

Another challenge in  relationships right now  is the fact that we are going through a pivotal shift in consciousness , and with this increase in vibration and energy there is an uptick in anxiety as relationships can become more polarized than normal ,in other words the differences between people that in the past could have been over looked are now more pronounced , more obvious perhaps .

One of the most common challenges  we see right now, as it applies to the awakening process ,   is when one spouse has decided to embrace these changes , this awakening , by proactively expanding their own consciousness , through study , research, meditation , or what ever form they use to become more expanded ,  more of who and what they are , and their partner does not share their same passion.

In fact their spouse could care less about it and is completely happy watching dancing with the stars , or their favorite sports channel while drinking beer and eating pizza , of course I’m  just stereotyping here(I love Pizza)  to make a point , but you get the idea , one half the team just isn’t motivated or interested in exploring themselves, they took the blue pill and they  just ordered  a thick  juicy steak… in other words they don’t care about the awakening process, they are perfectly happy with the status quo , they don’t want to know about alternative history , ancient aliens, ascension , or exploring the nature of reality !

So now what ?  Do we just call it quits after  10, 15 , 25 years of marriage , or after you have been dating someone for 5 years , do you just throw in the towel and go out and try to find that perfect someone who will fulfill you and like everything you like, be passionate about everything you like.

Yea..right …that’s a fantasy  ,everyone has their own interests, and we don’t “really” want a clone of ourselves for a mate now do we , I mean variety is the spice of life, right , so why is it different when we talk about the awakening process, why is that different .

I mean you don’t begrudge your spouse becasue they are passionate about doing yoga and you would rather go hiking , you don’t threaten to leave your spouse becasue they enjoy classic 80’s music and you like smooth jazz, of course not , they are simply choices and in a “real ” relationship it is about  give and take , so you listen to a little of both together , and you enjoy the variety ,  it is about compromise and if your not willing to do that , your not really in a relationship , and you should stay single and date , nothing wrong with that choice either , perfectly fine, it has it’s own merits and advantages.

So … why is it that when one person is on the awakening path and your partner is not , why is that so untenable, why is that so much more challenging , why does that individual choice  create such disharmony in a relationship to the extent that it ends in separation.

Because… most people in these types of situations, feel that their partner is stunting their growth, they feel that by being with someone who is not exploring and expanding in this way , they are being held back from their true potential , and in some cases this might be true , there is no pat answer here.

However,  for the most part,  if you “really” love your partner , unconditionally , then leaving them for ” this reason only ” is actually proof that you haven’t really grown or expanded all that much , remember they are a reflection ,  and you might want to take a hard look at your self again in the mirror , trying to get them to see reality the way you do is counter to the entire process or idea of expansion and awakening.

And if your love is not truly unconditional , well then … it won’t matter who your with or if your single… becasue any relationship is just a reflection of your relationship with yourself !

A ” Truly ” expanded individual , allows everyone , and everything expression , allows them their individualism , after all that is the point isn’t it , again , we don’t want to be clones of each other , how boring , people take the awakening process “WAY” too seriously , it should be a joyous , fun process , it should increase your appreciation for your partners uniqueness , their little human idiosyncrasies their strengths and weaknesses should all be seen as an incredibly beautiful manifestation of an infinite universe.

I would suggest that if you are ” Really Awakening ” , if “YOU” are really becoming more holistic , more balanced , more unified , more representative of both the male and  female energies ,  then your partner “will ” respond , universe will support this , and you will experience a version of your partner that is more representative of  this vibration.

That doesn’t mean they will suddenly be interested in your quest , or interested in studying or researching, or experiencing any of the things that you are,  in your awakening process, your unfoldment , what it does mean is that you will find that your love will grow , “because”  you allow them “FREEDOM” to be what ever  “THEY” choose , you “RESPECT”  them , and they will respond to that in their own way , usually by simply supporting you in the same way , while still finding common ground and ways to enjoy each other.

It  shows them , that  you love them unconditionally ,that  there are no conditions where you cannot love them, unconditional love is the state of  someone who is Truly awakened , so if you are going to leave someone “just” becasue you don’t think they get it , and you feel they are holding you back , then you haven’t gotten it either , and if you leave , you are really just running away from yourself !

 In part .2 of Relationships , I want to explore some of the more common societal ideas about spousal relationships, what we think they should be or shouldn’t be,   why people stay in relationships when they are not happy , regardless of whether either party is interested in the awakening process , and how “being the change” , being the example, being a living template for others to learn from is really what the awakening process is about , and if you are truly awakened , your “relationships ” will reflect that , and this conversation becomes a  mute point.

In the video below Bashar articulates some of these ideas about relationships, and what is really happening on a deeper level and how they truly are a reflection ! .



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