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February 24, 2014 5:00pm
Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

Everything and everyone are an expression of creation without which the totality of creation would not exist.

This includes you and all that you desire. This also includes all others and all they desire. This includes all that you judge as good and all that you do not judge as good.

For this reason, you would do well to cease from argument with creation, because nothing exists, except that its existence serves purpose and that purpose is, creation would not be in a balanced state of completion without it.

You would also do well, to view and embrace all that is, including yourself, as sacred, welcome, necessary and worthy, for to see even one as unworthy, is to declare all as worthless. You are in no position to make that judgment against creation. In so doing, you make that judgment against yourself.

So then, how should you walk through this dimension in which you currently find yourself? By seeing each step and each breath of all, as a sacred reflection of that One creation that is the All. In so doing you become one with the All and thus open the door to the allowing of all that you are and all that you desire.

You are blessed, precious and necessary, right now, in whatever condition you may find yourself to be. Without you, all that exists could not exist and would cease to be.

It matters not what state your personality may find itself to currently be in. The Higher Mind, the Over Soul, and the Universe remain steadfast, in an ongoing continuous state, of unconditional love, abundant well-being, and surety of knowing.

Despair, depression, fear and anxiety all exist as attributes of the personality. They are reactions based on judgment and analysis of current circumstances, which are in turn, based on beliefs whose foundations are but false premises that are contrary to the point of view of the Higher Mind, Over Soul and Universe.

Despair, depression, fear and anxiety are the result of the neural nets of illusory beliefs that have no foundation in the Higher Truth. These neural nets dance in the neo cortex of the brain: the throne of the personality.

To dissolve the influence of these neural nets, understand the plasticity of the mind. Neural nets in the brain are malleable and easily subdued by unconditional love and acceptance of them.

Creation is inclusive and even these neural nets exist with purpose. They have served to manifest the contrast necessary for you to clearly understand and differentiate between what it is that you want and what it is that you do not want.

Apply to them a love that indicates that you know they serve a purpose. Allow this love to re-assure that they are included, they will not be exiled, and they are appreciated.

When you have done so, they will loosen their hold. For despair, depression, fear and anxiety, as with all of creation, find their peace when they are made aware of the unconditional love that exists for them. To them you are the conduit of this unconditional love. When they are at peace in this love, they will rest and you will find rest from and with them.

In the meantime, whether these neural nets be active or at peace, whether your personality be expressing despair, depression, fear, anxiety or not, you are allowed to abide in the love that Higher Mind and the Universe have for you. You are allowed to like yourself regardless of the state of your personality. You are allowed to love yourself anyway. You are allowed to still experience this unconditional love, which is your true nature.

The state of the personality is just a circumstance because it is of the material world. Circumstances do not materialize, only state of being materializes. Therefore you can be in the personality circumstance of despair, depression, fear or anxiety, while still remaining in the Higher Self, Universal state of being, which is unconditional love for yourself and all. The circumstance of the personality will not materialize. Only the higher state of the Higher Self will materialize. As the higher state of the Higher Self materializes, by that love, the circumstance of the personality will then change as well. This is the manifestation of the Kingdom within, the process of the Great Work, the subjugation of the throne of the personality, the neo cortex and its neural nets to the Higher Mind, the Over Soul and the Universe.

Therefore, regardless of the state of your personality, remain in the higher state of unconditional love for yourself and for all of creation. For this is enough to retain cohesion with all of creation, which as we have stated, is not complete without your existence or the existence of all you desire. To love yourself right now exactly as you are, is enough to manifest synchronicity. Synchronicity is the evidence, of the cohesion that indicates that you are in alignment with the One creation that is the All. When you are in alignment with the One that is the All, you will find peace, joy and love, regardless of the state of your personality.

You are blessed and beloved. You are necessary and worthy exactly the way you are right now. Otherwise you simply would not be.


The Collective.


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