Apocalypse How: Exploring The Darkness


Exploring the darkness is how we can see the light.  When it comes to looking at the outer world as a reflection of our inner state of being , we have to look at the dark stuff, the negative stuff , so that we learn from it , otherwise we are not getting the full picture.

Many of today’s New Age Philosophies tend to shy away from dealing with our dark aspects as some kinda of abnormality , or dysfunction.

However keeping our head in the sand about who and what we are is probably how we got here , few people want to take responsibility and do the shadow work on themselves, you know , where you go deep within and really take a hard look at yourself and what your contributing to the collective, it’s always much easier to blame someone else for all our personal and collective woes.

While the alternative media is doing it’s job in exposing the ones who are outwardly creating much of the worlds problems , you know the politicians , the elite banking oligarchy , the heads of corporations, the alphabet agencies and so on , ultimately from a greater perspective they are us , there is no separating them from us , we are all collectively the Human Race.

Now … some will argue, and  there is evidence to suggest , that there may be elements on the planet that are not entirely human , and they may play a leading role in creating chaos for their own agenda ,perhaps even feeding on our fear , to manipulate us in ways that keep us in the dark and them in control , which is exaclty the reason we should be familiar with the darkness , not afraid of it.

Manipulation is part of the darkness , and it’s been going on  for a very long time , however , you can only be manipulated  with your consent and from a greater perspective that is it’s purpose, it’s role so to speak in teaching us about ourselves, , and the moment you no longer consent to it , the moment you become aware of all it’s subtle forms  , ” All Effect is Lost ” .

So …you can’t blame the cock roaches for taking over your house if you have garbage laying around everywhere, this is the current state of affairs on our planet, until each of us clean up our own inner houses there is always fertile ground for vermin to multiply, for manipulation to be possible.

This is why it is important to explore the negative aspects of our society and ourselves  , not dwell on it , not become obsessed with doom and gloom but to look at it for what it is, the absence of light ,  so we can decide what we prefer, and use it as an  opportunity to make a choice .

Why is a child afraid of the dark , because it’s unknown , they don’t know what lurks there , and of course once the light is turned on, there is nothing there, all that actually existed was fear , which we all know is “False Evidence Appearing Real” to use a catchy acronym.

Another way to approach the darkness  is from the persepctive that all form is an illusion , whether it be positive or negative.

The  individuated aspect of consciousness that can become aware of it’s true nature , ( that is no separation  the eternal stillness) , when you understand that you are not, empirically speaking ,  your Identity , your name , you persona , your mind conditioning and patterns, when you understand you are not those things , that you are consciousness playing a role , like an avatar , you are well suited to explore the darkness, for you will have ” no thing ” to fear.

Since all fear,  is really fear of ourselves, we are not talking about danger here , physical danger is different and when we are in physical danger we need to take action to protect our physical body , fear on the other hand is simply a state of being.

When you can comfortably exploring the darkness , when you are capable of  examining your negative beliefs,  impulses, fears from a detached state of awareness , you are on the road to deprogramming yourself, any darkness that is brought out into the light of awareness , will soon dissolve , it will break the pattern and over time will no longer have any power over you.

This is the practical application of Exploring the Darkness , and not being afraid of where the process of awakening takes you , it’s your journey , there is nothing outside of you !

The Darkness and the Light exist within each of us , it is part of polarity , part of the Universal Laws that exist, so learn from it , grow from it and allow it to teach you what you prefer in your life.

It seems universe is cyclical in nature , meaning it is a constant state of expansion and contraction , breath in breath out, from darkness to light and back again, this is the cosmic story line, the key is understanding that you are playing a role within this drama, but the role is not what you are … you “are the cosmos !

The darkness , the polarity , is one of the most important aspects of the earth experience , physicality , it gives consciousness a stage to play out the drama of life , as individuated , fractals of itself ,  where all probabilities in infinite combinations can manifest and enrich the larger consciousness system towards complexity and expansion, our journey is a microcosm of the journey of the universe, and of course in reality they are one and the same..





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