Apocalypse How : Bashar And Eckhart Tolle The Dream Team


Over the years there have been many , many voices for the Apocalypse,  who are helping to unveil all of the lies that we have been told , and all of the lies we tell ourselves.

However for me there are two voices that stand out from the crowd, these two voices are completely unique in their approach to the awakening process yet they are totally in resonance with each other.

Eckhart Tolle focuses on the over identification with form and the conditioned mind, his information, we won’t even call it a teaching, is about becoming present or living in the present moment, what we call present moment awareness

This of course is our true place of power of course because it’s the only true reality, past and future are of course concepts, mind created.

The idea here is to understand that the mind is a wonderful tool however it is not what we are, we are infinite consciousness playing the part of being human, so once you know this and you understand how the mind operates you can learn better how to stay present and not become absorbed by the mind.

This concept is probably the most fundamental step in the awakening process and is the reason why it’s at the focal point of Eckhart Tolle work.

Eckhart’s message is always empowering and it’s always about taking personal responsibility.

Bashar of course is telling us exactly the same thing with the data that he brings forth as an extraterrestrial entity from the future, and while that concept in and of itself may be hard to swallow for some people, no one can dispute that the information that he brings forth is not only empowering but insightful and downright brilliant.

So… like Eckhart one of the main themes behind Bashar’s message if you will, is to act at every given moment, (again talking about the present moment, the only time we can act ), on the things that you can act on, to your best capability, until you can act no more, with no expectation.

Living in this manner is simply another way of getting out of your own way, of going with your instincts following your joy your passion,  living from the heart, not trapped in the mind created world, with all your negative beliefs definitions, all the old patterns ,again total resonance here between the two teachers.

So present moment awareness is one of the areas that these two voices resonate so similarly.

If I try think and think of areas in which their message varies I would say that Eckhart focuses quite a bit more on simply becoming present, the presence that we are or consciousness.

While Bashar covers quite a bit more ground, getting into all types of subject matter, such as other extraterrestrial beings, alternative history, our true origins and genetic makeup.

For example the Bashar tells us that we have the DNA of seven different races, making us, the human race, quite an interesting creature.

If you combine the information from both these sources there is much to be learned and a greater understanding of the nature of reality can be experienced.

Of course there are many more brilliant voices out there , each contributing in their own way , to the collective and individual expansion of all that is.

Because each of us are all that is, we will always experience ourselves as the one, the center of our universe, consciousnesses is both individuated and collective, we are both the observer and the observed , that is the paradox…awe…and don’t we just love a good paradox !

So check theses guys out below if you haven’t already !

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