Apocalypse How: Vibration Creation Part .2


Consciousness creates matter ,  matter is subject to consciousness, and one of the most profound illustrations of how we as consciousness effect the matter around us , how we effect the physical world around us with our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and vibrational resonance is the work done by Masaru Emoto and his water crystal experiments.

What I call Vibration Creation !

His ground breaking work gives us a graphic representation of how our vibrational fields, our state of being literally effects the quality of the constructs around us , fear based energy creates chaotic, incomplete ,  unstable forms, while love based energy  produces complex, stable constructs.

This is of course the reason for disease in the body , if your in a state of fear for long periods of time, what I would call chronic “fear based being ” , the cells  in your body will  behave in a similar manner over time , and just like the water crystals in these experiments , the cells in your body will exhibit malformations , what we call cancer and other diseases.

So this is the practical application of awakening , how you can use this knowledge to increase your quality of life, your physical health and your well “being”

His work has been around for quite a while , however there are  probably a lot of people out there still not familiar with it ,  and since it does illustrate how we create the reality around us , I thought it would be good to share it here on Apocalypse How.

The premise behind Masaru’s work is using water crystals to demonstrate how different types of energy can influence the structure of the water crystals themselves, and similarly how we influence the structure of our personal and collective existence by our state of being

Everything is vibration , energy , frequency !

What Masaru’s work shows us is that when matter , or in this case water is exposed to negative energy , negative emotions , the structure of the water crystals that formed in the negative environments are primitive, chaotic , lacking structure and complexity , ugly one might say, lacking in beauty, falling apart.

Conversely the water crystals that were exposed to loving energy were beautiful , with complex patterns, structurally sound and diverse in form , unique like a snow flake , sound familiar , we are each snow flakes in that sense as we are all created out of love !

So if we take this a step further and we compare how we effect the world,  the environment around us,  beyond just water , it’s quite simple, someone in a fear based state will inevitably manifest a chaotic reality around them , there will be little structure, there will be the feeling of everything “falling apart” and sometimes to the extent of self destruction , so there is a high rate of entropy.

And of course those who truly live from love , those who can maintain a strong connection to source, there lives will be full , abundant , joyful ,  in their relationships as well as their material needs , synchronicity will flow , there will be complexity and cohesiveness , stability , just like the water crystal that are exposed to the positive energy !

So keep Masaru Emoto’s water crystal experiments in mind as you go about your day , and know that you effect the environment around you down to the molecular level as science would call it ,  your state of being determines the formation of the reality that you find yourself swimming through , living in .

We cannot separate ourselves  from the environment , we are one and the same , it is all energy and as consciousness travels through this sea of energy , as we travel through ourselves , we are creating the reality around us at the speed of thought .

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a graphic illustration of this so we can see how our vibrations , our state of being effects our life experiences , yes it is just another way to explore the idea of law of attraction , positive thinking , however what is so powerful about these experiments is that it shows us how we actually effect matter itself, not just events or situations, but how we effect physicality, its a great entry level way to start making the connection of where experiences in our life are coming from , they come from us !




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