Apocalypse How: Knowledge And Transformation



What is knowledge, and does knowledge have anything to do with transformation or the awakening process. I think first we have to define what we mean by knowledge, for the most part I think we can agree that what we commonly refer to as knowledge is really just experience.

In other words anything that we know or have knowledge of is something that we have experienced and when I say we I mean collectively as the human race.

And since knowledge is something that we have experienced, then knowledge is really rooted in the past. We can use knowledge in the present moment but it has its roots in the past.

So when you look at it from this perspective all the collective knowledge that mankind has accumulated for millennia is all based on the past, and since the human brain is in a sense a recorder of experiences, every moment of every day , we are viewing our reality from information that has its roots in the past, so in a sense, when we use our brain and thoughts, we are not really in the present moment.

To be in the present moment one almost needs to go beyond thinking towards  presence, one needs to become the witnessing presence, and in this state of being thought is simply a stream of data, or background noise, it no longer defines us , it no longer pulls us along.

So this raises the question what place does knowledge have in the transformation of mankind? I would suggest that at this point while much of the information that we have is useful to a certain extent in the practical day to day existence, it has nothing to do with our transformation,¬† I know… what a concept .

However in and of itself it knowledge will not lead to the transformation, at least not a spiritual transformation, In fact there is so much information now, that knowledge has a most become a barrier transformation.

So in this sense thought and knowledge are related because they are both aspects of the human mind, and of the conditioned mind.

So if we are trying to expand our consciousness, if we are trying to be in the present moment it’s nearly impossible if we are immersed in the mind, immersed in knowledge, which has its roots in the past, we can’t be focused on the past and be presence.

Every day of our lives, every moment of our lives, we perceive the world around us, utilizing our brain, our mind, which catalogs compares analyzes everything based on experience, so in that sense we are not seeing with fresh eyes, like the eyes of a child who is seeing things for the first time.

If we could in every moment be in that state of being, childlike, seeing the world as if for the first time, that is the state of being where transformation has taken place, otherwise we are simply in a repetition of the same thoughts over and over again.

There is evidence that this is the case, just look at civilization, we have accumulated vast stores of knowledge , computer banks,libraries of data, and knowledge, yet where’s the transformation of the human spirit, of humanity.

One only needs to look around the world today to see that little is changed in thousands of years, we are still killing each other at a pace unparalleled in human history, s o I guess one could say we are much more knowledgeable on how to kill each other.

So from that perspective what has knowledge really given us and what does it have to do with transforming humanity, with the expansion of consciousness. Of course knowledge has it’s place , as long as we see it as a tool and not as absolute truth.

Wasn’t it the tree of knowledge that was our downfall , where we fell from the garden , not saying ignorance is bliss , I’m simply sayin there is som much more beyond, knowledge and thinking, there is …being !



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